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Ol' Roy
Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks and Chews

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Kibbles, Chunks & Chews makes for a happy dog!


After feeding my dog only Purina Little Bites for a total of 5 years, I started to fall on some hard times.  I needed a cheaper alternative for his food, but I did not want to comprimise quality or taste for him.  I tried out a few other dog foods and he definately wasn't happy.  We then found Walmart's brand called Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks and Chews.  My dog, who is a mix of a black labrador and daschund, loved this food from the start!  I even use his food like treats.  All the different bits are perfect for him.  He is a self-feeder so there is always food in the dish.  He doesn't pick through the food, just eats like normal.  His coat is so shiny and I'd like to think that he is feeling good, because he runs just ike he was a puppy again!  He is now 10 years old and we haven't had one problem with the food, or feeding.  The cost is just right and comes in a 40 pound bag.  We usually buy a bag and keep the food in tubs so we don't have to go to the store every month!  A great alternative for a great price!

Ellwood City, PA


Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks and Chews is not a good dog food


Ol' Roy Dog Foods are basically considered junk dog foods by anyone who is current on animal nutrition. It is nothing but ground up corn with some flavoring and coloring. This is not a good food for your dog. He may like it and he may even eat it but you are not doing your pet any favors by feeding it this cheap food. Try a better dog food sometime and you will see a difference. No dog food in your grocery store or pet department of a discount store is anything other than ground corn. There is litterally no meat to speak of in this type of dog food. Turn the bag over and read the ingredients then do some research online as to what is in these cheaper dog foods. I have fed this stuff to my dogs before I knew better. When eating this food my dogs shed too much, got fat and had lots and lots of poop in the yard. You see they have to eat more of this food to get enough nutrition but then they also have to poop a lot and you will have a lot of clean up to do behind any dog that eats these kinds of foods. I would never recomend anyone feed their dog Ol' Roy dog foods. It's like giving your kids corn chips for every meal...sure they like them and will eat them...but are they getting anything good out of it?

Ironwood, MI


My dog and cats both love Ol' Roy!


We decided to try Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks and Chews because we were having trouble affording Purina dog food. The ingredients and nutrition facts looked very similar, and the price was much less, so we thought we would give it a try. Our dog loves this stuff! She eats it with more enthusiasm than any other food we've given her. We noticed our cats trying to rob her dish, and discovered they actually prefer this DOG food to their cat kibbles! I think they like the chewy pieces, and the variety. I like that this food is good for large and small dogs (the smaller kibbles make it perfect for all sizes), and it's nutritionally balanced. I'm sure there are "better" dog foods out there, but we can't afford to spend more on dog food than we do on our family's groceries. I feel that this dog food is a good, healthy, and obviously palatable choice for our Golden Retriever. Her coat looks great, and she's a very healthy weight.

Greencastle, IN


My dog loves Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks and Chews


the best product out there for small dogs they seem to love it and you can't argue the price it is a wonderful product my dog absolutely loves it i would recomend Ol'Roys kibbles,chunks and chews to anyone you will love it as well, proud to use this product

Laredo, TX


The only Dog Food they will eat.


This dog food is the only food my four dogs will eat.  If I try to switch to a new brand, they refuse to eat the new brand.  They would rather not eat if it isn't Kibbles, Chunks and Chews.  The dog food is soft and crunchy.  They each have thier favorite pieces.  My Jack Russel digs through the bowl to get the white pieces.  Those are her favorite, I think because the are soft and chewy.  My weiner/shitzu likes the green pieces the most, I think becuase they are vegetables and she loves raw carrots.  The other two dogs just love all the dog food and are very particular about only eating this particular brand.

Miami, OK


Ol' Roy Kibbles, Chunks and Chews

3.8 5