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Ol' Roy
Ol' Roy Grilled Strips

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Ol' Roy Grilled Strips Housetrained My Dog!


When we first brought home our new puppy, Buddy, we wanted to do all we could to ensure that the housetraining process would go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We tried several different varieties of dog treats, but bar none, Ol' Roy was the one Buddy went for. Every time we would take him out for a potty break, we would have a piece of the strip in our hand. As soon as he began doing his business, we would say "Hurry, Hurry" and then when he finished, we'd give him his treat. It didn't take more than a month before he was completely housetrained (as long as us humans made sure to pay attention!) I would definitely say that the Ol' Roy Grilled Strips are a good value for their cost. Buddy loves getting them still as he learns new tricks, and we love knowing that we are using our money wisely. The only downside of it would be the packaging. It can be difficult to ensure that it closes completely. We solved that problem however, by transferring the treats to another bag.


Fort Worth, TX


Ol' Roy Grilled Strips - Good value for the money


Ol' Roy Grilled Strips dog treats are a great value for the money. You get a lot more treats for around the same price as other pricier brands. My five dogs love them, but then again, they tend to love any treats. If I have coupons or can get a good deal on other brands of dog treats, I will generally buy the one that is the best deal, but if I'm lacking on coupons, these are my first choice. My only complaint with these treats is that I can no longer find them in the canister, only in a resealable bag (this may be regional though) and the new packaging seems to be very low quality. Tearing the top off the bag is always a pain to tear it properly, so scissors make that a lot easier, but my biggest complaint about the bag is that the ziploc-style sealing strip tears loose from the inside of the bag often when trying to open the package, meaning if this happens and you want to keep the treats sealed, they need to be put in a separate container. All in all, I would recommend these treats if you're looking for the most treats for your money, but shop around and see what other deals you may be able to get. 


Bland, VA


These are my picky dog's favorite treats.


My schnauzer, lab and chiauaua are picky about treats.  If they don't like the taste, they won't eat them as readily.  I have bought all kinds of treats over the years and this is one they can agree on.  They all like them.  They have a grilled chicken smell and appearance and they are made from real chicken.  They are also inexpensive and come in a resealable canister.  I would definitely recommend these to someone who has a picky dog.


Montgomery, AL


Ol' Roy Grilled Strips

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