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Ojon Shine and Protect Shampoo

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Ojon has been one of my favorites for a Long while!


I have been a fan of Ojon for many years. It is a unique product but is very effective. I like the natural, organic qualities and its unique scent but the fact that it actually delivers! My hair is very coarse , and dry. The water in my community is very "hard", also, so I appreciate that Ojon can transform my hair and make it more manageable. I am not able to overwash my hair or it will become too dry-Ojon helps to keep it conditioned. I am still able to use and incorporate any other products that I love - which is many, because I need to experiment with my unruly hair! Effectiveness As I mentioned above, I find Ojon effective especially with my hard, unruly water in conjunction with my dry, coarse hair. Scent Many people complain about the Ojon scent, too coffee or too chocolately but I have no complaints because I guess I enjoy these scents ( chocolate can't be so bad) so it is relaxing and enjoyable




Favorite shampoo


I absolutely love this shampoo. Unfortunately, this shampoo is so expensive for me especially because I have really long hair so I go through it faster than most people would I am unable to buy it all the time. If I could this would be the only shampoo I would buy. It makes my hair feel so healthy. After one use my hair feels so refreshed, moisturized and has the perfect look to it. If I use the conditioning cream, the shampoo and conditioner my hair feels like absolute bliss afterwards. Unfortunately this product is just so expensive that I cannot afford to use it all the time. Around the holidays you can usually find gift packs with all the ojon samples so you can try all of the products. That is actually how I found my love for Ojon products. The scent of the shampoo is not to die for but it does not smell bad either. There is actually a lack of fragrance but is not a bad thing for the shampoo.


Oxford, CT


Want shiny, soft hair-- try this product


I stumbled across the Ojon products when I was looking for a dry shampoo. A review on that another time. :) I tried the dry shampoo and that lead me to trying a sample size of the Ojon Shine and Protect shampoo and conditioner. I'll also be writing a review about the conditioner and another Ojon product. As for the shampoo Ojon is a great product. The shampoo itself is color safe, and a high gloss cleanser. It enhances color vibrancy and restores a healthy- looking brillant shine and protects from UV and heat damage, and also leaves your hair silky smooth and frizz-free, all this according to the label on the bottom. After using this shampoo many times I agree with all of this. I love the way this shampoo makes my hair feel. It gets so soft and I love the shine of my hair. I think the best part of this shampoo is the Ojon oil and you can get a history of this if you do an internet search. Reading about the ojon oil is what sold me to buy the samples. No other shampoo that I have ever tried has this oil in it. The cost of this shampoo is rather expensive. I only use this one on special occasions or when I want to have nice looking hair. To me though, it is definitely worth the money. I highly recommend this shampoo to anyone who is looking for soft, shiny hair and does not mind the extra cost.


Kutztown, PA


O joy for Ojon!


I have very long hair, and must be picky about what I use to keep it looking healthy. There are so many hair care products out there that you could do a lot of damage trying all the possibilities. An ideal product needs to be gentle enough to use daily, but won't dry out those older ends, and Ojon met that criteria. I have my hair colored regularly and trim the ends every couple of months. Since using Shine and Protect, my color lasts longer and I feel it looks shinier.


Vista, CA


Ojon Shine & Protect...not as claimed


I really do not like products that do not do what they are claimed to do...and this is one. There is not any shine in my hair from using this product and I use this with its mate the Shine & Protect conditioner and I don't feel that it protects, as I feel that I have to use something else in order to get that. I does not lather up much, I have to do a wash and repeat, it acts like a sulfate free shampoo but it is'nt, it may be due to the other natural ingredients, eg. Palm Oil, Mandarian Orange extract, Papaya extract, Broccoli extract, and etc., first ingredient is water and second is Magnesium Laureth Sulfate.  It does say that it is a very gentle moiturizing cleanser that nourishes and protects color treated and natural hair as it restores a brillant shine, if you lather once it may be so gentle of a cleanse that you look like you have'nt washed your hair and two lathers your left sqeaky clean and dry.


Woodstock, GA


Ojon Shine & Protect Shampoo does just what the name says.


This product does just what the name implys.  It is gentle on the hair, doesn't cause it to be weighed down, and really brings out the shine. The ingredients seem to protect against the harsh everyday elements such as, blow drying, the sun, and other styling tools.  I have been using this product and the conditioner for several years and alternate it with the thickening shampoo and conditioner.  By beautician couldn't believe how great my hair looked!  She even asked if I used a blow dryer to dry my hair because it was in such good shape, unlike most hair that is exposed to dryers, flat irons, and curling irons.  My daughter has highlighted hair and started using this product a few years ago as well.  It is amazing what happens to her hair when she doesn't use this product and when she does.  After shampooing with the Ojon Shine & Protect it looks like her hair has fresh, new highlights.  People ask her all the time if she just had her hair highlighted when it has been months since she had her hair done.  Great Product! 


Memphis, TN


Ojon Shine and Protect Shampoo

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