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Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray Dry Shampoo

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Did not work on my hair (Asian fine, oily hair)


I have been trying out various brands of dry shampoo based on people's reviews. Ojon was one of the higher rated ones so it was on my list. I have black, fine, oily hair that needs to be washed daily before the grease comes out and my head looks nasty. I tried it the day after I fully washed my hair. The scent was pretty strong and smelled similar to baby powder. I knew this was a downside to the product based on other reviews so was willing to overlook it if the product worked. If you are sensitive to smells and cannot stand heavy, perfumey smells, I would be very cautious with this product. The powder itself was pretty white and heavy but it came out fairly easily after I waited 5 minutes (the can says to wait 1-2 minutes but I always wait longer to allow for more oil absorption). My hair had more volume after I finger-dusted it so that was a plus! However, after 2-3 hours, my hair was starting to look greasy. By midday, I was wishing that I could wash my hair. I even tried to blot it with paper towels to degrease it. My hair actually looked worse than its normal state. By the end of the day, my hair was pretty nasty-looking. I tried it again 2 more times to give the product a fair chance but, unfortunately, the results were the same each time. I would not recommend this product for anyone with fine and oily hair. Particularly at this price point!




This product really help me out alot.


This product really help me out alot.I found this dry shampoo when my grandmother became disabled and pretty much bed ridden.I was having such a hard time trying to give my grandmother a bath and wash her hair all by myself.My grandmother was immobile so it was really tough to try and get her moved around enough to wash her hair.I had to have other family members help me wash her hair.My sister recommended a dry shampoo.The Ojon dry shampoo was the first dry shampoo I was able to find so I went with It.I used it on my grandmothers hair and I was very suprised at how good it worked .My grandmothers hair got pretty clean using it and it didnt make her hair dry like I thought it would.I cant tell you how much time I saved using it now I only wash my grandmothers hair twice a week with regular shampoo.I use the Ojon dry shampoo in between washes with regular shampoo on my grandmothers hair.I would highly recommend using this for anyone who may be a caregiver to a disabled person.


West Union, OH


The best dry shampoo I have tried.


I have very thin and somewhat oily fine hair. I trypically have to way my hair teice a day (if I am going back out in the evening) or my hair looks filthy. For many years, I have used PSSSSST dry shampoo (I still keep a bottle around) when I am on the go and unable to wash my hair mid-day. I have recently discovered Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser at Sephora. While Ojon is more than double the price of PSSSSST or Tresemme Fresh Start, I believe it is worth the money. Ojon does not give my hair a flaky, powdery look, like some of the cheaper dry shampoos do, and it smells great too. My hair feels so nice after using Ojon that sometimes I even spray it in my clean hair to give it a little extra fluff and texture. While this dry shampoo is not effective enough to allow someone like me to go more than a day withough washing my hair, I believe it would definitely allow someone to normal hair to do so. This is by far the best dry shampoo I have tried (and I have tried about 5 different kinds to date, in all price ranges).


Rome, NY


Would not recommend


I was very disappointed with this product.  Now, I didn't expect it to work miracles but I was hoping that it could give my hair a little refresher when it was feeling blah and unwashed.  Ever since I've become a new mom, the time I spend on my hair has gone down significantly.  I'm incredibly low maintenance about it anyway so I was just hoping this could give my hair a little boost. My biggest problem with it: the smell. WAAAAY too strong.  What are you doing Ojon?  This stuff smelled like an old grandma's closet (no offense to any old grandma's out there). But really, it just had this incredibly overbearing perfumey smell.  To me, that doesn't necessarily mean clean hair.  I also didn't see any real difference in my hair.  Was it a little less greasy? LITTLE should be the keyword here.  It simply didn't do very much but make my hair smell like I'd dipped it in perfume (something that didn't go away until I washed it again). It is also expensive and I didn't feel you get what you're paying for.  So as a whole, I was not pleased with it.  I would ESPECIALLY avoid this if you're sensitive to strong odors.  


Greenbelt, MD


Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray Dry Shampoo

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