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Ojon Revitalizing Mist

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No More Tangles!!


LOVE this product - actually, I love the whole line but this needs a special mention. I have long thick hair, which tends to get snarly after the shower. I just spritz this stuff on, and my hair is SO much easier to comb out! No more tangles. Plus, I like that it's adding additional moisture to the ends. I can't live without this product. Whenever I don't use it, not only is my hair a mass of tangles after the shower, but it's ends are frizzy. This solves that problem wonderfully.

Folsom, CA


The best product to revitalize and refresh your hairstyle


Many of you probably have read my other reviews on the Ojon products that I use. I have another Ojon product to add to the list. I will be reviewing the Ojon Revitalizing Mist. This is a MUST-HAVE for every woman out there!! :) I used to take a shower every morning because if I didn't I would have wild and unruly hair. It would look absolutely awful. Frizz-ball, Carrot Top hair galore. I'm not kidding! But about two years ago I started using the Revitalizing Mist from Ojon. All you have to do is shake up the bottle and spray on towel-dried or dry hair( I usually just spray it on dry hair) and then massage it into your hair and comb through and then style. Then you are set to go!! This product is the best get ready and go hair product I've ever had. Once I started using this product I did not need to shower everyday because I could use the mist and as it claims it reactivates your hairstyle without washing. So true! Plus it's alcohol-free so it won't dry your hair out. Actually the mist refreshes and restores moisture, detangles and preps hair for styling, reduces breakage caused by thermal styling, sun damage and combing, helps combact frizz, and has a revitalizing fragrance that neutralizes order as it preps hair for restyling. Absolutely a great product. If you are not able to afford the other Ojon products but have a little to invest in at least one product I absolutely recommend the Revitalizing Mist. Like I said at the beginning this is a MUST-HAVE for all women! If you try this product, I think you will love it! But don't take my word for it! Try it for yourself!      

Kutztown, PA


once again, another great product


by now, i'm sure most of you reading this review are familiar with the other great reviews of ojon. this one doesn't fall short at all. i braid both of my childrens hair and this is great for keeping their styles fresh and the frizz at bay. typically, before the ojon revitalizing mist, i always had to wet our hair with water and a bit of conditioner in a spray bottle to help freshen things up, but at times it was a little too heavy and our hair was too wet. the scent is great, the weight of it is great. there are absolutely no cons to this stuff except for maybe the price. but the old saying stands true, you get what you pay for! like most of their products, it doesn't take much of the spray to get the job done. it doesn't cake up after it dries and leave white spots or anything like that. it's a great refresher for braids, curly hair, and even my husbands dreads. you most definitely regret this purchase!

Greer, SC


Ojon Revitalizing Mist

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