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stain/odor remover
OdoBan OdoBan-Pet

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Odo Ban for pets is a potent air/fabric freshener


Let me start off with my story: I was given a 6 week old puppy a while back, and I live in a small apartment. I started off by buying "puppy pads" for indoor accidents until I could potty train this puppy completely, but the puppy was a bad aim...he would piddle all over the floor NEXT to the pads! So needless to say my apartment started to smell aweful even after I cleaned the spots he had an accident on. I picked up "OdoBan-Pets" because it claims to Eliminate Odors, kill 99.9% of germs and refresh the air and fabrics. I thought if I were to spray this on the spots the puppy goes potty after I clean it, it would make it smell better....I was wrong. The Eucalyptus Scent this product boasts smells almost as bad as the piddle! It's so overpowering and nasty smelling! I don't know if it's just me or not....I've worked in dog kennels before and I've never smelled a "refresher" that is SO potent! Mixed with the leftover "cleaning and piddle" smell, it's a disgusting mix of scents that is sure to make you gag!

Idaho Falls, ID


OdoBan OdoBan-Pet

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