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Octane Fitness
Octane Fitness Q35e Elliptical

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May be a bit pricy, but worth every penny!


I love this machine!  As much as you can love a piece of exercise equipment that is.  I started out looking at cheaper ones at the big box store, but once I hopped on this...there was no going back.  This machine is solid.  It may be a bit big, but it is very well designed.  The problem I was having is that this would be going in my basement, which has very low ceilings.  Compared to other machines, you barely step up on this.  I am 5'10" tall and have plenty of clearance between my head and the ceiling.  I was also concerned about the stride on this, not being adjustable.  But I find it feels good...natural.  The controls are easy...basic, but with enough variety to keep you interested.  The Xmode feature is my favorite.  The blinking light is like a little personal trainer pushing you on.  All-in-all, this is a great machine.  If there is a down side, it is the price.  It cost twice and much as I was initially going to spend, but I don't regret it.  I would buy it again.  It is worth every penny!

Ortonville, MI


Its a large piece of equipment but it really gives you a workout


I love this Octane Q35e eliptical it targets the butt and thighs and it also targets the arms and stomach.  On top of all of that it also monitors your heart rate.  No need for 4 different machines with this equipment.  this machine has a lot of features for instance it shows you how far you have gone and how much longer you have to work out.  You can preset multiple settings to your work out ability.  It has cardio and strength training all in one.  It is a larger piece of equipment because its health club standard soit won't break down on you after a couple of years using it.  So make sure you consider an appropriate place to put this that no one will hurt themselves.  It also requires power so it needs to be put in a place with an electrical outlet.  Its a 3 prawn so if its an older home you will have to get an adapter.

Woodstock, IL


Octane Fitness Q35e Elliptical

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