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Octane Fitness
Octane Fitness Elliptical

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Great overall workout provided, easy on the knees, very durable.


I have owned an Octane elliptical for the past 6 years.  It has been a dependable, durable piece of equipment that has worked well to help me achieve my fitness goals. I was previously a treadmill owner, but developed foot problems from overuse that prohibited me from continuing to use it.  With the Octane elliptical, I have been able to exercise five days a week for over a year without experiencing any pain in my feet or knees.  Unlike some other ellipticals that I have used in gyms, I do not experience numbness in my feet.  I have used all of the eight programs, which has allowed me to change up my routines.  This has prevented me from becoming bored with the workouts.  I have been able to increase the resistance level over time as my fitness has improved. Some of the less desireable characteristics of the machine are that the display of calories burned cannot be adjusted for gender, which decreases the accuracy.  However, this is probably true of many exercise machines.  I also have problems with the machine resetting the resistance back to a lower level if there is a pause in activity for more than a few seconds. Due to the age of my machine, I think that the resistance no longer functions accurately.  My overall rating of this equipment is 'good', as we have several family members who use it regularly and it has held up quite well.

Aitkin, MN


Best purchase of my life so far


before i bought the octane fitness elipitcal i wasn't one to exerceise, let alone regularly.  but now i find myself on it 5-7 days a week for 45-60 minutes a day.  its low impact on your legs and back and that's what i love, it's a very sturdy machine, hard to move but i don't feel like i will fall over when i'm on it like som you get from your larger sporting goods stors. the controls are very user friendly and i like that it counts the minutes, calories burned and miles ran. best purchas of my life so far!

Rittman, OH


Octane Fitness Elliptical

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