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LG VN530
Octane Cell Phone

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Good phone that with minor adjustments would be excellent.


I have had my LG Octane for almost a year and a half now. I have found the phone to have good battery life. The service area is fairly decent for my area but the phone does not pick up at my home as well as some of the others I have had in the past. The features could stand to be better on this phone. I am not impressed with the camera, the ability to use Facebook without a data plan, and the ability to hear when someone gives me a call. I can reach a decent medium with this phone and find it to be satisfactory but I have had LG and Motorola phones that I would have considered to have been a better product in relation to hearing capability, features that does not add extra costs, and camera features. Performance Luckily I use this phone more for texting than talking. The phone sends texts in low service areas but it can be hard to understand what someone who calls is saying in a high service area. The service range is alright but could stand to be better where I live. Voice Quality I have to rate voice quality poor because I can hardly hear what someone is saying even in an area with good service. The voice recognition does not work so well with this phone for me either. Battery Life Battery life on this phone is good. I can go days without having to charge my phone as long as I am in an area with some type of service and the phone is not searching. Even in poor service areas where the phone is constantly searching for a signal the phone will last a few hours. Durability I have no large scratches on the casing of the phone but the screen ended up with a deep scratch a few days after I bought it. I was surprised at how quickly I damaged the facing. I have also been surprised to see that the casing has remained unscratched and damaged. An average of the two I would give the Octane a satisfactory rating. Ease of Use The phone is dirt simple to text, send and or receive calls. The phone is not quite as simple to navigate with the features. I have found the only simple way to get to my calendar and tools is to flip the phone open. I wish this feature could be accessed with the phone closed. Design The size and weight of the phone is very good. I love the keyboard. The phone is small enough to transport easily in a pocket. The screen is a size that is easy to view.


Celina, TN


LG - Octane is a good phone but has many kinks!


I purchased the LG Octave because I am a big texter and love to take photos with my camera. The first two weeks I was in love. It took great pictures and videos and had a great zoom. The great other aspect was the drop down keyboard for texting. Very easy to text while using it. Two weeks after that is were the trouble started. The camera stopped zooming and I couldn't take any pictures. I did a search on the computer and discovered that this is a common problem. Take the battery out and it will reset but this will only be a temporary fix. Eventually it will happen and there is nothing that can be done. This was a big dissapointment for me since I bought the phone for photographs. Overall I would just tell you that it isn't worth the money. Go and get something better!


Staten Island, NY


An Echo


I bought this phone for my son's birthday. It was the one he wanted and we've always had LGs. He likes it for texting, but I hate colling him on it as it has a teriible echo. I can't stand hearing what I've just said while I'm trying to say something else. Verizon tried updating the software, but it didn't help.


Horseheads, NY


LG Octane is great for texting


When I first seen the LG Octane, I wasn't completely sold on it. The more I looked at it, the more I realized what a great phone this was. The LG Octane is unique because it is a clam-shell texting phone and not a slider like most. That makes it much less likely to break or stop sliding. When you open the phone, it has a much larger screen which makes it great to text, view pics, etc. Slider phones use the same screen so not nearly as nice as the LG Octane. The texting keys on the phone are very nice too. They are a little larger and it has more of a feel of typing on the computer. I did have a little trouble with my first LG Octane because I was having echo issues with it. It was easily replaced and I have not had an issue with the phone since.


Eau Claire, WI


Nice phone


I just got this phone for my daughter. We were looking for a non smartphone for our teenage daughter that still had very nice features. The camera works very well and takes really good photos,just as nice as our actual camera. The qwerty keyboard is a really nice size not too small nor not to bulky or akward. We really like its features for tex messaging and how it shows upo on the outside screen,so that she can see who sent her a text message and when and it catorgizes it by the person who it is from and the time. It also has some really pretty wallpapers and very easy to use outside keys and screen. The outside screen is a nice large size easy to read and to dial out phone numbers. I think it would also be a nice phone for someone older,who might want an easy to use phone. We also like the slimness of the phone. It's a nice light weight phone that fits in your back pocket,which is nice to carry around.


South Whitley, IN


LG Octane is a good upgrade from an LG Voyager


I have a Verizon cell phone package and was due for my 2-year upgrade. I had been using an LG Voyager and really liked that phone. There wasn't really anything wrong with it, but I figured I should upgrade to keep up with the times. The only thing on my "wish list" which I didn't like about the Voyager was the photo quality. There were so many phones to chose from, I was overwhelmed so I called Verizon and told them I wanted something just like the Voyager but newer; the LG Octane was it. I am partial to LG simply because I've had good experience with the brand. The Octane has a small front screen which is not a touch screen, but it also has a front keypad which I prefer. The keypad unlocked mechanism is much more reliable than the touchpad unlock on the Voyager. The screen inside is significantly smaller than the Voyager, but that doesn't bother me too much and I seem to like the keys on the keypad inside better. I don't know why "they" have to keep changing the keypad...moving just enough things around to keep us on our toes.


Glen Allen, VA


Octane Cell Phone

3.3 6