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Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray Cranergy

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More Taste Than Energy!


This product is delicious, but provides more taste and heartburn than energy. The ingredient list is terrifying - caffeine almost seems like a safer alternative! It is also pricey, so only when I'm craving the taste do I splurge.


Burleson, TX


Cranenergy is a yummy boost


This product tastes sweet and has a fruitiness that is subtle but it does not really taste like cranberry juice. It is a  refreshing way to hydrate, consume caffeine, and get a nice low-calorie drink. However, this product was a bit pricy and only came in small bottles (usually if juice is bought in big jugs you get more bang for your buck). I do not know if I would buy this product if it is not for sale or if I have a coupon due to the price. What I liked most about this product is the caffeine and the taste. The caffeine is noticeable and comes naturally from green tea; you get more caffeine from this product than a mug of green too though. I liked mixing this drink with other juices for a fruit cocktail. The taste is exceptional but it does not have the tartiness of cranberry juice and so I do not know if it has the health benefits of cranberry juice that is purer. Worth giving it a try!


Memphis, TN


The pause that refreshes AND restores!


For somebody who is interested in trying new beverage options, there seems to be no end to the innovations which are out there.  The other day I stumbled across another one, which was new to me ... ***Cranergy Energy Juice Drink*** manufactured by ***Ocean Spray*** in a variety of flavors.  I chose ***Raspberry Cranberry Lift***. **WHAT THIS IS:** ***Cranergy Energy Juice Drink*** contains only 20% fruit juice but, all things considered, that is fine with me.  It's enough fruit juice to add a great flavor without making it too harsh to digest.  I haven't tried drinking this on a empty stomach (i.e., for breakfast) but usually I can down a 12 oz. bottle of this without fearing The Worst.  Ingredients include filtered water, grape, cranberry, and raspberry juices from concentrates, malic acid, natural flavors, green tea extract, pectin, sodium citrate, and absorbic acid. **STATS:** Let's hear it for the folks at ***Ocean Spray***, where some realist has designated the whole 12 oz. bottle of ***Cranergy Enery Juice Drink*** to be one serving (which it will undoubtedly be for most people).  One serving (or 12 oz. bottle) contains 50 calories with zero fat, 75 mg. sodium, 13 grams each total carbs and sugars, zero protein, 70% (D.V.) each Niacin, Vitamins B2, B6, B12, Pantothenic Acid, and 100% Vitamin C. **TASTE TIP:** ***Cranergy Energy Juice Drink*** in the ***Raspberry Cranberry Lift*** flavor was refreshing and tasty without being overly sweet, making it a delightful "chaser" for snacks or lunches, especially those which would involve that wonderful [Old Wisconsin Premium Beef Summer Sausage][1] .  Here's another tip:  usually I prefer juices to be as cold as possible but I have found that those beverages which contain tea are actually more flavorful consumed at room temperature or even a little warmer.  ***Cranergy Energy Juice Drink*** will taste even better if you store it on a sunny windowsill for a few minutes before enjoying.   [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Old-Wisconsin-Premium-Beef-Summer-Sausage-review-e8944


Oak Park, IL


Ocean Spray Cranergy

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