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Cranberry Juice
Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray Cran- Pomegranate

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Cran-Pomegranate taste good but smells like stinky feet.


I wanted to try this new juice by Ocean Spray called Cran-Pomegranate. It was good and I did like it. It was hard geting past the smell though. It smelled like stinky feet. I usually drink any of the Ocean Spray products. I just dont think I could get past the smell. Not sure if I would go out of my way to buy it again.


Seymour, TN


Wow. This tastes good.


Like I've stated in other posts, I am not usually a juice drinker. I bought this flavor by accident. I'm not a big fan of cranberry juice, but this is definitely one I'll go back for. It's refreshing with a kick at the end that lasts a while. I like this juice. Can't wait to go back and buy another bottle.


Crawfordville, FL


Tastes good, but more sugar than most sodas.


That's all basically.  It tastes pretty good with an interesting tang that plain cranberry juice can't replicate.  It also has an interesting fruity smell that I happen to enjoy.  One benefit is that it has 100% Vitamin C like most juices do nowadays.  A standard 10 ounce bottle you commonly find in stores has 150 calories which is alot for such a small drink.  A soda typically has 150 as well.  Also there are 38g of sugar on par with sodas.  Government recommends less than 40g per day, so you're definitely getting more sugar than you need with this. For taste I give it a 4.5/5, its unique and creative and I happen to enjoy it. For health benefit I give it a 3/5,  Yeah it has Vitamin C, but it also has alot of calories and sugar for such a small amount.  First two ingredients are filtered water and cane/beet sugar.  Overall rating of 3.5/5 based on combination of taste, excess sugar and calories.


Yakima, WA


Ocean Spray Cran-Pomegranate Juice, refreshing, delicious!


The combination of Cranberry and Pomegranate is perfect. They make a Light variety which has only 40 calories per 8 oz serving.  This juice sure has the flavor and tang for a great refreshment when you need it most. I highly recommend this to all Cranberry juice drinkers who want a little change. For parties it is the perfect juice for a punch. Combine one 48 oz bottle of juice with two liters if Sprite and one half gallon of rainbow sherbert scooped into the juice and sherbert. Have a ladel and punch bowl.  Make sure you have enough for a second bowl worth since once people taste it they will want more.


Kaufman, TX


Ocean Spray Cran- Pomegranate

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