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Ocean Potion
Ocean Potion WetSkin Tech H2O Water Sport Instant Dry SPF 30

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Ocean Potion's Instant Dry SPF 30 Spray let me down.


My husband has fair skin and prefers continuous spray sunscreens, so I picked him up a bottle of *Ocean Potion Instant Dry SPF 30 Continuous Spray Sunscreen* during a recent trip to Walmart. He goes to the beach at least once a week (and usually twice) and has been using SPF 50 all of that time, so I figured he may be ready to downgrade to SPF 30. *Ocean Potion Instant Dry SPF 30 Mist *is a sunscreen that promises to dry almost immediately on skin, be water-resistant, and to provide UVA/UVB sun protection. My husband likes the continuous spray style sunscreens and he spends most of his time at the beach surf-fishing which involves getting hit with many waves. I liked the fact that this product would allow him to easily apply the sunscreen that he needs and would also resist the water in which he spends some time. When we got home last week after his first use of this stuff, he told me "my skin feels hot and red". After a shower, we saw that it was. I actually picked up a bottle of SPF 50 sunscreen for him today as he clearly wasn't ready for a lower level. Me, on the other hand... I have a serious base tan. I decided to try it out after sitting out in the sun for about 3 hours with nothing on my arms or legs. I sprayed it on my various body parts but the spray range was so narrow that I couldn't easily cover difficult areas like shoulders, my back, the back of my legs, etc. In fact, I also missed parts on the easy parts of my body like the sides of my arms and legs because I was just appalled at how narrow the range was and how much product it took to try to thoroughly cover and area. I will continue to use this stuff when I'm in the pool during the week and have no one to apply sunscreen to my back. Once it is gone, though... it is GONE. It might be a nice product to use on children as it dries so quickly on skin, but the spray range is far too narrow and you'd use up an entire bottle per child. I won't be buying it again. Scent This Ocean Potion Sunscreen smells like any other traditional sunblock product: slightly chemical. Absorption This product doesn't absorb into skin at all. Instead, it produces a layer of sunscreen that just sits on top and repels the ultraviolet rays from the sun. Longevity This product provides several hours of skin protection. I usually reapply it after a few hours because that is my usual routine. Effectiveness This spray sunscreen does a great job of protecting skin from burning. It works for my husband's Irish skin and my Italian skin. Ease of Application This sunscreen is in a continuous spray bottle . All you have to do is press down the top and it will dispense the product all over your back, arms, legs, etc.

New Jersey, NJ


Ocean Potion WetSkin Tech H2O Water Sport Instant Dry SPF 30

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