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Sinus Rinse
Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation

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Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation - Sinuses Need This!


OCEAN Complete is a two-in-one product, with two applicator tips. The white tip delivers a mist for moisturizing, which would have been enough to tackle winter and travel dryness. The orange tip is actually an irrigator and delivers a stream that really helps with sinus pressure and allergen removal. The interchangeable tips make OCEAN Complete really versatile, and the pre-mixed and packaged solution means I don't have to purify water or mix saline myself. The solution is also really solid, and there's no risk of poorly distributing salt mix from having to make the solution yourself. There's no burning or over-salinating because the solution is already made for you and ready to go when you are. I like having the choice of having a saline mist and an irrigation system in one bottle.  It's easier than keeping track of two different sinus systems, and if I'm just misting and think I need more, I don't have to pull out another product, purify water and make a mix myself.  This is perfect for people who would use this product in a steamy shower or in the morning when they are too sleepy to do anything more than change a tip, but really need sinus relief.

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Ocean Complete Sinus Irrigation

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