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Obagi Clenziderm

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Great Stuff!! Will clear your skin in no time!


So recently, I went to my dermatologist to get my skin checked because I have acne. They suggested that I use the line that they sell at their office which is Obaji. Since I have acne they suggested that I first clear up my acne before using the other Obaji products, so I bought the Obaji Clenziderm- Normal to Oily Skin from them. I had heard both good things and bad things about this product, but like most people with acne, it doesn't hurt to try something new. So I tried it, and its about 2 weeks and I definately see an improvement in my skin. I get fewer breakouts, and can see that my skin really has cleared up. What I have left are scars, which this will not clear. You need to use other products to clear scars, but this definately does clear up the acne! It comes with a cleasner (which you use AM and PM), toner (also used AM and PM) and a serum gel (use either AM or PM, not both). After each step, it instructs you to wait atleast 5-10 minutes before using the next product. I recommend that you do this to avoid irritation. It will make your skin peel a little bit, but that is completely normal and your skin will get used to it within 1-2 weeks. I would definately reccommend this product and I myself will continue using it.

Seaford, DE


This stuff is amazing!


I have really bad acne that never seems to go away. I've had it for years, and nothing I do seems to make it go away. It's embedded deep in my skin, and no matter what products I would use, it was still there. I went through many cycles of microdermabration, and other treatments, and still, nothing seemed to make my skin clear up. After trying many products my dermotologist had suggested, I decided I didnt have the time to waste anymore. I went to a new dermotologist, and she inspected my skin. She told me about the type of acne I have, and what I can do to fix it. She then told me she was going to give me an acne treatment called Clenziderm, by Obagi. For the first few days, I didnt see much improvement, and then out of no where, my skin completely started clearing up. It was amazing! Its a three step system that includes a daily cleanser, a pore rinse, and a lotion. It really refined my pores, took away my acne, and helped even out the oily to dry ratio of my face.To anyone whos lost hope that their acne will go away, I recommend using this product.

Oviedo, FL


So happy I gave it a chance!


I've tried HUNDREDS of acne products and all of them have left my skin dried out, and have left me frustrated. I went to a spa and they suggested I try Obagi Clenziderm. They assured me that it was different than other 3 step acne systems because the third step-the gel- was water based and would penetrate into my skin more quickly instead of just sitting on the surface overnight. I tried the product and was amazed within just a few days how much better my skin looked. I still have occasional breakouts, but I feel that they are far more controllable and occur less frequently.  I recommend using the product at night. It does have a bit of an odor to it, and takes a little bit of time for it to fade. Also, it's important that you allow enough time in between the application of each of the steps, otherwise you are just piling things onto your skin without giving them time to settle.  Finally, my skin isn't dried out!!!!!!! I feel great about myself and am happy that I can spend my time on other things-- not fretting that I'm going to break out for something important or feeling like I have to constantly be cleansing my skin. The product is a bit pricy, but IT LASTS! You don't need to use a lot, a little bit of each of the products goes a long way. I can typically make a system stretch for six months. Compared to buying expensive prescriptions and face washes and creams that may or may not work, Obagi Clenziderm is well worth the money spent!

Toledo, OH


The results are not worth the high price tag.


The Obagi Clenziderm system is quite expensive. Considering the price tag on the system as a whole, I expected MUCH more significant results than I actually got. Some of the products were very harsh on my skin and felt uncomfortable for several minutes after applying them. The face wash, however, is great, but not so much better than its less expensive competitors to make it worth the price.

Tarzana, CA


Obagi Clenziderm

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