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Obagi Condition & Enhance Skin Care System

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Obagi Condition & Enhance Skin Care System, amazing & awesome!!!


The Obagi Condition & Enhance Skin Care System will change the total appearance of your skin.  The first 3 to 6 weeks are the most difficult to endure because of the changes that will take place that aren't very appealing.  Many people experience skin sensitivity, dryness and flaking, reddening of the skin, wrinkles exacerbated at first, and itchiness.  I experienced all of those but when I got past the first phase my skin looked incredible.  All of my friends noticed and wondered what I was doing.  My husband even noticed that my skin looked better.  He said my pores look smaller and I looked so young.  I'm happy with the skincare system and would recommend it to others.  It is worth the 6 weeks of hell to get to the point of clear and supple looking skin.  

Virginia Beach, VA


Oobagi has made a big difference in the appearance of my skin.


I have been using Obagi products for a year now. I have seen a noticable change in the condition of my skin. I recently visited Canyon Ranch for a facial and the tech. has very pleased how even and healthy my skin looked.  Obagi has reduced fine lines and wrinkles and I feel has changed the over all appearance of my skin making it appear more smooth and even.

Hahira, GA


Obagi Condition & Enhance Skin Care System

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