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OXY Mentholatum Clinical Acne Treatment Hydrating Therapy

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Softens Skin Without Clogging It


I have combination skin that needs moisture, but not too much. Oxy's new Hydrating Therapy lotion provides just the right amount. The consistency is milky and a little bit of it goes a long way. There is a therapeutic percentage of salicylic acid to provide gentle exfoliation. There is some menthol present in the formulation, just enough to leave a slight tingle, but it wasn't enough to cause my skin to react negatively. People with more sensitive skin might want to watch out for that, though. The price for this product is excellent compared to similar products on the market. I like DHC Salicylic Face Milk a lot, but it costs twice the price of the Oxy, even before shipping costs are factored in. I'd love to consider the Oxy product a permanent replacement for my favorite except for one thing: the smell. The Oxy Clinical Hydrating Therapy treatment smells stale, like when lotion is just starting to turn, or more specifically when the oils are just starting to turn. It's not stale, the lotion hasn't turned. It just smells like it has. I think it's coming from the castor oil. The smell dissipates but before it does it's really bothersome. Bottom line, I will still use the Oxy lotion as my go-to whenever I can't spring for the DHC. It's not my number one, but it's on my list.

Tampa, FL


drys out my skin


I saw this in the store and decided to give it a try since I sometimes suffer from minor acne which I find embarrassing and limiting in my social life, not the best situation. It was on the shelf with several similary labelled products, but I only bought this one. It seems to be effective against my acne, but I suffer from another issue when I use it, in that it dries out my skin excessively. This leaves me with red spots on my skin that do not look precisely like acne, but are nonetheless embarrasing, so the net effect is not a positive one. I will not buy this product again since I have dry skin to begin with and need something milder. I'm guessing that if I had oily skin I would like it as it would not only cure the acne, but also take some of the sheen off of my skin that oil can leave. I also would not recommend that someone use this product when going out in the sun becuase that dries out the skin also and could lead to a worse burn.

Portland, OR


I started useing this ...


I started useing this product a few days ago. I am adult who still suffers from mild acne but also has sensitive skin. Most acne medications cause dryness itching and flakiness for me. The first few times I used it I did have some itching but that stopped after  a few day.Moisturizer is a nice consistency and hydrates my skin well after using the acne wash and treatment that go with this system. Relieves some of the itchiness that I get from the benzol peroxide treatment cream and is  not harsh at all andMy skin is clearing up nicely. Love this product.

Brick, NJ


OXY Hydrating Therapy Works Great!


I am sure those who have read my previous reviews know I have some problems with acne. Again, not too much but enough it gets kind of embarrassing. I sometimes feel like wearing makeup or something to cover the little dots. I know most people don't even notice it, but I do. And that is enough for me.   So, I tried this new OXY Clinical set. I will be reviewing the other pieces as well so make sure to check those out too. This set comes with a clenaser, hydrating therapy and a clearing treatment. This Hydrating Therapy is supposed to be used after you wash your face and you leave it on. I am not sure if you use it in the morning or in the evening. But I used it in the morning after washing my face. It has a nice soothing feel and makes my face feel real nice. Also smells good. The scent is kind of strong but I like it. Now, I noticed this working after about 10 days. My face started clearing up and I wasn't having as many flareups. It was kind of nice to not have to worry about it.   Overall, I really liked this product. I feel like I have to use the whole three step set but it is not too much to ask for a clean, healthy face.

Panama City, FL


I was suprised how well this works!


I was surprised how well this treatment worked.  My face was breakiing like I was a teenager again.  It was oily and full of blemishes.  I looked terrible.  I started using this product about a week before going to Disneyland.  I also used it while I was there.  I am so grateful!  My face cleared up enough that my vacation pics don't show any acne.  i still had a few blemishes, but I was able to cover those up with makeup.  it didn't clear up everything, but it got a lot of it.  For only using it for that short week, I must say I was quite impressed!

Salt Lake City, UT


Oustanding Moisture


I started using the Oxy Clincal Acne Treatment kit as a way to help clear up my oily skin as many products that claim to clear up oil do not really help at all. The actual kit itself can dry out your skin, but this OXY Mentholatum Clinical Acne Treatment Hydrating Therapy Oil helps relieve the sryness that does occur from the actual kit. It is not overlly moisturising to make you skin look oiler that it had before you used it, but instead it just replinishes what moisture was taken away from the original tretment. I love the way this product made my skin look and feel. It was not heavy on my face like so many other products are. It helped to make my skin feel like it should originally feel, with no oily residue left over on my face. I am amazed at how much i really do like this product. If you want rejuvinated skin you should most certainly try this product alongside the original OXY clinical kit,

Charlotte, TN


OXY Mentholatum Clinical Acne Treatment Hydrating Therapy

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