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OXY Maximum 10

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Oxy is not what it claims to be.


I have 3 children who all have pimples, I have tried several products to help them control the out break. I saw the Oxy and for 5.99, I thought ok I will let them try it. On the first day of use they told me they had dry spots on their faces. They continued to use the product, dealing with the dry skin spots. We did not see any difference in the number of outbreaks they had. I also purchase the face wash that well along with the Oxy pads. This also did not help with the outbreaks.  I feel the product did not live up to expectations, their faces are still covered in pimples. We do not use this product anymore, the dry spots have returned to normal. I do not think their product lives up the the claims.

Preston, MD


It works great on acne but it can bleach your clothes.


oxy maximum Oxy 10 works really well on controlling acne and helps get rid of acne discoloration's if you use it daily. You need to shake up the container real well first and then apply it to freshly clean skin because it works best that way. You have to rub it on until it lathers though, otherwise it doesn't work on controlling acne if you don't.The smell of the product is just okay because it smells like medication. That makes it kind of a drag to use. You have to be very careful because if you drop any of it on a towel or anything made of material it can bleach it slowly. The price of this product can be very expensive so try and get a coupon if you have to buy this item. Despite the drawbacks, it does help control breakouts and will help your skin look clear with daily usage.

Stockton, CA


Product is cost effective and easy to use.


     At the present time my son is using Oxy 10 as an overnight acne treatment.  It is easy to use, non-staining, and very inexpensive.  He has been using this for months and it is still controlling the breakouts on a daily basis.      Although he visits the dermotologist on a regular basis, the Oxy 10 is useful for a  teenager. Treatments in the past have stained bath towels and sheets. This product does not do this.  The only drawback to the product is the size of the container.  He goes through a tube a week.      He also likes this product because it is not drying his skin. The creme is very portable and easy to pack for the occasional vacation.  We recommend it.    

Columbus, IN


OXY Maximum 10

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