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OXO Garden Scissors (World Kitchen)

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Do You Really Need Garden Scissors?


In the summer I have a lot of herbs growing in my garden; parsley, oregano and thyme usually get planted every single year and I love having them on hand when I need them. Before I got a pair of the OO Garden Scissors I would use a knife to cut off what I needed. Sometimes it would end up pulling the whole plant out of the ground or I would end up cutting off too little or too much. These garden scissors allow you to make exact cuts but I use them for more than just herbs. If someone wants some tomatoes instead of just picking them off the vine I will cut off a cluster and leave them on the vine. I do the same thing with red bell peppers and green bell peppers and found that there's a lot less bruising to them when I leave the vegetables on the wine. These are easy to clean and they come with a plastic pouch that you can store them in when they are not being used. The scissor blades are sharp enough to cut through vines as well as to cut through the stems on herbs. I wash them after every use then open the scissors up and allow them to air dry. I like the design of these because it allows me to be able to get into the center of cherry tomato clusters if I want to remove them with the wine still attached. These shouldn't be used to cut other things like paper because it will end up dulling the blades. I have only had to have them sharpened once in all the years that I have had them and I'd never go vegetable picking in my garden without these in my pocket.



OXO Garden Scissors (World Kitchen)

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