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OXO Egg Slicer and Chopper - 1071477

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A Good Slicer But Not So Good For Chopping


I make a lot of hard boiled eggs; I like to have them for salads as well as to make Deviled Eggs, to use in tuna and chicken salad and as a snack. Peeling the hard boiled eggs can be frustrating but not as bas as trying to chop them so the pieces are small enough to use in a macaroni or potato salad. I have always had good luck with OXO products in the past so I decided to give this a try to see if it would make chopping up hard boiled eggs a little easier. For slicing this does an excellent job of creating even slices but for chopping the results aren't completely even so you will still need to have a knife on hand to cut up some of the pieces. The inside section of the slicer and cutter that does all of the work is plastic with recessed metal wires. You really need to take your time and press the lid down slowly because if you try to force it through the egg you are going to end up with uneven slices and that means uneven chopped pieces too. The biggest perk to this is that you do not need to remove the egg from the slicer to get the pieces chopped; there is a rotating section in the middle of it that you can turn to make another pass with the lid and cutting wires. I prefer my chopped pieces to be fine and small and this didn't deliver the results that I want from chopped hard boiled eggs for making chicken, tuna or potato salad. This isn't easy to clean but if you soak it for a couple of minutes you should be able to get all of the yolk and white of the hard boiled egg out of the cutter blades. You need to let this air dry for a couple of hours before putting it away; I give mine a good shake over the sink and then put it in the drain rack until it's completely dry.



OXO Egg Slicer and Chopper - 1071477

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