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OPI Pinking of You NLS95 Nail Lacquer

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Took forever to chip!


I was absolutely impressed with this nail polish. I bought it on sale a few months ago and didn't have the occasion to use it until a few weeks ago. I usually buy a different brand but since it was on sale i decided to try OPI. I really liked the color right off the bat. When i opened the bottle the nail polish itself was a really pretty, glossy pink color. The wand was large enough to hold easily without being too bulky. The polish covered my entire nail in just a few strokes  and it was thick enough to not run all over the place. The first coat dried in about five minutes and the second coat took about half an hour to dry completely. I've bought pricer nail polish in the past and was no where near as impressed as I was with this brand. It didn't chip! Not even after I washed dishes and scrubbed the bathtub! I've never seen a nail polish that didn't crumble as soon as i started doing real work with my hands. I don't think I'll be buying another brand for a very long time. The only bad thing is that if it's slightly out of my budget unless i find it on sale but it's totally worth paying more for!

Warren, OH


Prettiest Pink!


I love this color from OPI. There are some pinks that are too bright, too white, too plain and too blah. This is the perfect shade of pink and I always go back to it! Many people compliment this color also. It goes great with a nice tan during the summer. I swear, I live with this color on my fingers and toes during all of the summer months. Sometimes I switch it up but alway come back to my faitful shade. OPI is also a great nail polish brand. I am a nail polish junkie and most other brands that I have tried seem to chip alomost immediately. However, OPI brands go on smooth, dry nicely and last alot longer than any other brand I have tried. My daughter loves this color also. Her friends always compliment it. so we constantly pick up a bottle here and there. They make great birthday presents so we always like to keep a few bottles on hand. I highly recommend this color for anyone who loves a good shade of pink!

Port Washington, WI


It's the perfect toe color, and it brushes on evenly and easily.


My nail technician is an OPI diehard, so I figured I'd give it a whirl.  It was slightly hard to find at first, but I found the largest selection at Sally Beauty Supplies.  Ever since then, I was a changed woman: I now often purchase OPI products; I value most every product I purchase, whether it be cuticle softner, nail polish, or manicure tools.  I am always looking for fun colors to go with the season, a specific outfit or sometimes just a mood.  This color seemed to nail all three: it's a cute summer color (but could also be pulled off as a fall or winter shade); it goes well with most of the clothes I wear; and it makes for a fun mood.  Another thing about the nail polish is the OPI brushes, they are wide enough to paint evenly and cover the whole nail in only a couple strokes.  I've had too many polishes that I thought I'd like and it takes 15 strokes to paint my big toe, because they're too thin and to short. 

Tucson, AZ


Love O-P-I Polish!


I really like O-P-I nail polishes.  They do not tend to thicken and clump up like many other brands.  It is at the same time thick enough to lay down a good solid coverage.  Some other brands either are too thick and the lay down looks cheap or it is so thin you have to put on two or three layers and then it either looks like there is not enough or way too much on.  The is one of only a few brands I ever use anymore and would definitely recommend any colors of O-P-I nail polish to anyone else.  You can find cheaper polishes but you know the saying, you get what you pay for.  At the same time it is not the most expensive line of poishes either.  So it is a great value for the product and price.  They have a wide variety of colors whether you want a more flat appearance or even a gliter appearance with color as well.  Five stars for O-P-I polishes!  You really cannot go wrong with this product.

Winston Salem, NC


opi nail polish is wonderful. i love the colors it comes in.


i really like opi nail polish.  i have used it for many years.  the color goes on so smoothly and easily and dries quickly. it takes several days before it even starts to peal off. it really lasts a long time.and it shines beautifully. they have beautiful pinks and red and other shades that are wonderful. i really love the polish that is clear and dries in seconds. it really works. my nails are dry in seconds. buy it once and you will see and then you will always want it...

Dover, NH


OPI Pinking of You NLS95 Nail Lacquer

4.8 5