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OPI Nail Polish "Strawberry Margarita" NLM23

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Love OPI! Love the color choices, lots and lots to choose from! Love how the color goes on easy, very easy, no clumping and yet no running! I think the price is a little higher BUT I also think when put on properly with the different coats and finish it stays on longer! The shiney glossy finish is just right! not too much just rigt! My daugher and I love the color choices for the different seasons. Summer is our favorite collection and of course we are so glad to have the sparkle options! The names of the colors are great too. We tend to buy them in teh salon after the season so we can get the clearance price so we can get more. A girl can't get enough nail polish! The Strawberry Margarita is a great color cause it's good for every season. Blends in well with Chirstmas attire, Fall it's great! Summer on the toes looks great as we're sitting on our lounge chairs or have our toes in the sand! IT's a great choice!


Weare, NH


OPI Nail Polish really last


Unlike most nail polishes that chip away after only one day this OPI Nail Polish last for awhile. Plus with its amazing "strawberry margarita" color makes it that much more better. This color is perfect for a night out on the town. Partys and clubs match this color perfectly. It also can be used for family get-togethers and dates with your boyfriend/husband. This color is not only vibrant and says your out-going. It also says your calm, beautiful and classy. It last for weeks after being put on. One of the only cons being it is hard to get off with the nail polish remover. I recomend wearing this color out and about. Somewhere where you'll be able to shine and show them off. I would also recomend wearing them for family dinners to show off how classy you could be. It's cheap and affordable. Comes in a sleek round container that looks stylish. this product is definatly worth spending your money on.


Redlands, CA


Strawberry Margarita OPI Nail Polish is perfect!


Strawberry Margarita OPI Nail Polish is by far my favorite OPI nail polish. In fact, I just had my nails done four days ago and the color has yet to chip. After showering and scrubbing my hair, most other nail polishes I have used in the past would chip right off, but not OPI nail polish. OPI is the top of the line in nail polish and this color is a truly great color. It is a nice bright pink but not to neon and a great winter color. Sometimes I find that certain shades of pink can look too summery but this color is not the case. It can be worn in both winter and summer making it very versatile. If I could only own one shade of OPI nail polish, Strawberry Margarita would be the shade I would pick because it can be worn at all times. It looks great with a tan and still looks great without one. I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting a nice shade of pink and a nail polish that is great quality and won't easily chip. 


Ringgold, GA


great color! love it


This is my summer toes HG. This color looks equally amazing on my olive skinned sister and me, as pale as casper (milk white, almost blue I'm so white) with strawberryish locks. I call it Barbie pink. It is a dark pink with no hint of shimmer.Awesome for Easter until the end of summer. I wore it that whole time on my toes this summer and it was absolutely perfect, bright and cheery but not garish. I have never worn a color for that long before as I am generally fickle and am an every two months like clockwork pedicure girl so I had ample opportunity to switch and did not.A bit much for work on my fingers for me but not so much others would say anything. I did do my fingers up with it for easter and on vacation though. I have gotten so many compliments on it and have converted so many people.My nieces went for a day of beauty before a wedding and demanded *toes just like Aunt Beth's* and my sister switched from her go to Dutch Tulips to match them and they all ended up adoring Strawberry Margarita.Try it, I think it matches well with most people's coloring.


roseville, CA


Love this nail polish!


This stuff is great! I am actually wearing this right now just to give you an idea of how much I like it. :) How I got this nail polish is that I realised that I had absolutely no nail polish around, well the ones I did have were all dried up or ugly!, so I asked my grandmother to get me some for my birthday, so when my birthday finally rolled around I received a box in the mail with about 4 different types of nail polish, two pink ones, (strawberry margarita was one of them), a red one and a purple one, (the purple one I haven't used yet, not really my type lol) I decided to try the margarita one first since it had such a cute name and was a really girly pink! Anyway when I tried it it applied really well and was very nice on my nails, you do need to apply two coats to have the best effect but that is quite easy to do since the first nail you did will be dry by the time you are done with your last nail. But all in all, it is a great color and lasts for awhile!


Melbourne, FL


OPI Nail Polish "Strawberry Margarita" NLM23

4.6 5