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OPI Nail Polish "Cha-Ching Cherry " NLV12

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OPI Cancun Shrimp nail polish


All I can say is that this is such a beutiful, more of a hot pink color. Perfect color for the spring and summer! The brush to this nail polish helps your polish go on easier. Plus the color is very opaque.


Warden, WA


Opi Red Nail Polish is wonderful


Opi Big Apple Red Nail Polish is wonderful. Do you want the best red nail polish out there? Then get this polish! Opi is a brand name that you can trust. They make wonderful polish in many, many colors. Red is a hard color to wear for some people but really it looks great on everyone! Don't be afraid to wear red! That said myhusband loves when I wear this color. I don't use it for everyday use because red is red. This polish goes on smooth and dries great. It is long lasting and worth the money. Go and get some. Yeah it costs a little more but so worth it. Your nails will be smooth and shiney! It lasts a long time and sometimes I just use it on my toes to have a fun look. I usually buy this at my local salon and it also helps to keep the local economy going. There are many different shades you can pick from. I like the red as a pick me up and it sure gets you noticed! This is a product that I would recommend to my friends.


Whitefield, NH


OPI is over priced


OPI offers so many really gorgeous colors, one of them being the "cajun shrimp" but they are way over priced. I don't mind spending money and honestly Id rather pay more for a great product but OPI just doesn't cut it. Yes, they offer great and unique colors and yes, they are very heavy BUT you can get more "bang" for your buck. There are tons of other nail polish lines, some that work, some that dont. Wet and Wild for instance is a waste of your money as well. Sephoria has some nail polish and its actually really stays well. You can buy two nail polishes by Sephoria (they have an equally big color selection) for the price of one OPI. Like I have said in so many of my other reviews, everyone seems to just look at the label. I know its nice to have something that everyone has heard of but the truth is your more then likely wasting your money. Companys thrive off popularity, the product could be the worst thing ever made but if enough people like it the prices will sky rocket. I feel that OPI IS a good line but they are just a bit too pricey when you can get the exact same thing for a lower price. Use it when you go get your nails done, use theirs, don't waste your money.


Calabasas, CA


OPI - The World Leader in Professional Nail Care -


The OPI company is not know as the World Leader in Professional Nail Care for nothing! As a nail technician of 9 years, I have always used OPI nail polished & other nail products that they offer. Although my clients frequently come in to the salon with a favorite color - mainly Pompeii Purple, Affair in Red Square, I'm Not Really A Waitress Red, or Yukon Do It - one of my personal favorites is Cajun Shrimp. The color pops! It is by far, in my opinion, one of the greatest selections available for a summer color.... and adding a little funky colored artwork makes the color stand out even more. With more than 100 colors to select from, Cajun Shrimp by OPI, was the winner of the selection to be wore on my last cruise to Cozumel. The color applies smooth, dries in a decent time frame & is long lasting! If you are someone that is drawn to a coral colored nail polish (which I am) than I would definitely recommend this particular color - or any other OPI color for that matter.


Corunna, MI


All time favorite nail polish


I have gone through so many bottles of OPI's Cajun Shrimp nail polish. I love the boldness of the color and the way it complements my medium/tan skin tone. The "orange-y" color is a major plus to me. It's pretty hard to find and it seems like very few brands manufacture a similar color. Football is a big thing for Clemson fans and being an avid alumnus fan, I enjoy accessorizing my "Solid Orange Day" outfits with this awesome color. I definitely recommend this product. The natural sense of quality that comes along with the name "OPI" and the amazing color are just two of many reasons to give this product a try! Pros: -- Unique color -- long-wearing -- doesn't require multiple coats to achieve color -- compliments a medium/tan complexion -- smooth application with the polish brush Cons: --polish thickens inside the bottle over time faster than other comparable polishes --speed drying (placing freshly polished nails in ice cold water to speed dry) causes polish to chip quite a bit


Homestead, FL


strong polish


I love any shade of OPI brand nail polishh! I especially loved this shade when I went on my honeymoon to the carribean! It was so bright and crisp you jsut could not find another shade like it. Like all OPI brand nail polish colors it goes on so smoothly and lasts so long! It is very strong too so you dont have to worry about touch ups! I went for a whole week in the carribean and this nail polish held up! I was even doing a lot of swiming and playing in the sand! I did have to do 2 coasts of the polish itself and one coaat of top coat but I was really amaxed that it lasted my whole trip. Even on the toes that were almost constantly in the sand! The polish held strong! The color it self was so fantastic because it is not really pink and it is not really orange and it is not really red but it dose seem to match any of those colors and therefore looked fabulous with any of my outfits! Although this product is more expensive than others you get your moneys woth in that you don't have to apply it nearly as often :)


Fargo, ND


Failed to Nail


In all honesty, there are not many nail polish products that are going to leave a lasting effect. Unless you are going to a salon, you can expect chipping within the next day after application. With this product, there is no difference. My sister bought this nail polish and I decided to try it. It looked fancy and I had hopes that it might just be a keeper. Though the color is vibrant, the wear is pretty much poo! I would recommend this product if you are going out for a one night special occasion. Other than that, kick it to the side because it is just plane Blah! Come on girls, if you seriously are looking to pamper yourselves, go to the salon. Your mothers and their mothers have all done it and not for just any reason. Because you are going to find good results. I recommend getting the gel nail polish. That can last up to two weeks. Also, they give a unique and beautiful appearance!!!


Mesa, AZ


Cajun Shrimp is hot and spicy


This is one of my favorite summer pedicure shades. It's nice and coral, and also seems to flatter my skin tone. It's a little expensive, but it really does seem to last. It's just one of the many shades in my OPI arsenal of colors!


Trenton, NJ


OPI Is a pretty good nail polish company


The Cajun Shrimp color of OPI nailpolish works well with fair to dark colored skins. It takes on different hues in different lights. In the bottle it looks almost like a bright very vivid florescent red. The pigments are very hevily vivid.  When on light skinned nails it takes on that color with a little bit of orange, but on darker skin it looks more orangish pink hues. It is kinda the same in light too the more light the more orange it looks. Very pretty for sure! We used it to polish a big group of my friends nails. It is a great eye popping color. Perfect for all the bright colors of the season! The nail polish came out the best with two coats and then a clear coat added on top. It takes OPI a while to dry but not too long. OPI is a great quality brand, last a long time, and resists chipping. I do a lot of hands on things and normally my nail polish last less then a week. OPI lasted longer then a week. It is moderate priced, but well wort every cent of it. 


Pasadena, TX


OPI 'Cajun Shrimp' Nail Polish is too pretty


I love bright colors. THis pink is no exception. I love to polish all nine of my nails with it. On the pinky nail of my right hand I polished it a silver glittery color. The bright pink makes the sparkly silver stand out even more. It is a really simple attention grabber. I got the idea from a magazine and I got tons on compliments on it. It goes great with short nails, because it is such a trendy edgy look. It is fast drying but long lasting. It also does not scratch off easily. I bought two bottles because pink is my favorite color espeically in this shade. In Spring and SUmmer I love to polish my toenails and wear my white flipflops. Its a really cute and feminine look. The price is alright. There really is not anything negative to say about this. It pretty much looks like the same color on your nails as it does in the bottles. I would recommend this as a gift for any woman who likes pink.


Philadelphia, PA


OPI Nail Polish "Cha-Ching Cherry " NLV12

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