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OPI Nail Lacquer - You Don't Know Jacques! NLF15

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Perfect neutral color that goes with any wardrobe!


I absolutely LOVE this color, it's very neutral and can go with just about anything. It only takes 2 coats for the color to be solid. OPI is a brand that I trust because their nail polish is a good quality and doesn't chip or peel right away. Of all of my colors, this is by far the one I use the most! I have also used this color with a black crackle over it and loved it! I have only had the bottle since February, but I have used it so much as well as let several friends use it, it's already almost half gone. I would definitely suggest this color if you want something that will go with just about any outfit and that looks sophisticated!


Silverdale, WA


'You Don't Know Jacques!' is beautiful and versatile


I love to experiment with different nail colors but I keep coming back to this one. I love that it doesn't chip easily. The color is so great! I like doing a french manicure with "Tickle My Francey" all over and "You Don't Know Jacques!" on the tips. Plus this is my husbands favorite color for my toes! It's an unusual color but it's still feminine without being the predictable pink or red. Great for everyday or special occasions, it always looks fresh. Worth the price for the good quality.


Colonial Heights, VA


You Dont Know Jacques if you dont love this polish!


Anyone who has ever tried OPI nail polish before knows the greatness of it: smooth application, awesome colors, good overall shine, looooong-lasting, and cute quirky names. But, with "You Dont Know Jacques", OPI raised it to a new level. In case you didn't hear, taupe is the new black for 2010. This color is perfect, it is a tannish gold/grey with just the right amount of darkness to look professional and still nice for going out. It is a great way to change up your look for the holidays! It doesn't have a bit of blue in it, like most other gray nail polishes out there do, so I really think it would go well with all skin tones. And, as always, OPI polishes last forever. I always do my own nails, and with two quick coats and a sealer (if I have time!) I am usually set to go for at least the next week, if not two! This goes on very smooth, and even after you've had it awhile just ad a drop of nail polish remover to the bottle and shake it up to revive the consistency and color. This is a great shade, from a great brand. By the collection and give a great gift! It just feels like you've pulled the whole outfit together when you have complementing nails. And, if you think it's on the pricey side of nail polishes, just consider the quality you are getting, and than head to a Beauty Supply store!


Waynesburg, OH


You Don't Know Jacques is one heck of a nail polish!


This shade is GORGEOUS! It's on my nails now (and pretty often in general). It's a beautiful, perfect-for-fall greyish brownish purple that's not too dark and not too light. Goes on smooth and is opaque in two coats, and it will last for over a week with very minimal chipping. I'm a huge fan of OPI nail polish, and for good reason-- it's really worth the price!


Boston, MA


A solid polish that'll make your nails shiny and eye-catching.


This particular nail polish is tremendously over priced and overrated. The cutesy appearance of the packaging makes it all the more appealing to young consumers who will spend what little money they have on a lousy producted. The polish itself is too watery and doesn't fully bring out the true color after 3 or 4 coats. It has the problem of chipping away very quickly leaving nails without polish. The only problem with it is that it doesn't stay on. the packaging was very cute so that it appealed to young people but I don't think that it was all that great when you open up the bottle and paint your nails with it... But it's decend so if you really love the color, it's very French-inspired (reminds me of when I went to France) so it will look good with your most favourite outfits! All in all this was an average polish, which could use some more improvements in the "price" category but... It was good. I would reccomend this to my friends if they were really in love with the colour.


Coralville, IA


these colors r very neutral.


I love these colors in this collection. Very neutral colors to go with almost any outfit. Opi nail polishes are longlasting and chip resistant. I would reccomend these colors to anyone. I am a busy mom and i don't have alot of time to redo my nails or apply touch-ups...these colors are perfect.


Robertsdale, AL


I am a fan of OPI


I have always been a fan of OPI nail polish.  This particular color is fun and is one I enjoy wearing.  I do my own manicures at home, so i can justify spending a little more on good nail polish.  OPI products tend to stay on longer and look shinier longer than cheaper brands.  They take about the same amount of time to try as any nail polish.  The brush on the OPI product is a good one.  It makes it easy to apply - some of the cheaper brands of polish do not have nice brushes, so this is a plus.  The downside of OPI You dont know jaques is that it can be hard to find.  The local drug stores do not carry it and neither did my local Sally Beauty Supply.  One of the fun things about shopping for OPI polish is the FUN names they give their polish!   This one is another great example of a really fun name.  I like it!  


Mckinney, TX


Jacques Nailpolish is not all that impressize


Ok,  to  start  off  with  I  absolutely  love  to  paint  my  nails  and  my  closest  friends  nails.  I've  been called  the  "Nail  POlish  Queen".  But  this  nail  polish  brand  just  didn't  do  much  for  me.  Their  colors  were  bland  and  uncreative.  I  had  already  seen,  owned,  and  used  ALL  of  those  exact  colors  and  got  MUCH  better  results.  It  clumped  up  on  my  nails  while  I  was  in  the  middle  of  painting  them  and  dryed  unevenly  to  match that!  Not to mention  it  chipped  within  the  next  3 hrs.  The  one  thing  they  had  going  for  them?  It  came  off  REALLY  easy.  Maybe  they  could  lend  their  secrect  of  an  easily  removeable  polish  to  the  guys  who  make  nail  polish  remover.  I  guess  for  that  price  I  didn't  actually  expect  it  to  be  all  that  great.  Did  I  also  mention  I  think  it's  a  great  idea  for  them  to give  out  gaia  cash  for me  to  absiclly  write  my  way  through  it!


Auburndale, FL


You Don't Know Jacques is the best polish ever!


This is one of my favorite products ever, it is great! The color is excellent and goes with everything. I tried it on my toes first and it looks wonderful, though the hue is more gray and muted than I was expecting. It can tend to go on thin and uneven at first, but quickly becomes opaque with few coats. The color works well on dark and olive skin. This is one of the hottest colors and it can be worn with everything. This is the best OPI polish yet, and I've been using OPI for years. OPI is the only brand I use. Definitely worth buying more in this series. I've been searching for the perfect gray and this is it! I recieved a lot of comments from my coworkers about it, so if that's what you are going for, this would be a good color. I think it looks very sleek and stylish. The only thing is many people kept asking me why I painted my nails black and I kept having to explain that it wasn't black but a deep brownish/gray. I really love this color though and will continue to wear it. I reccomend it highly if you like dark polish colors!


Wilmington, NC


It's a polish that pleases the eye and flatters the fingernails!


You Don't Know Jacques! Is from the OPI France crème collection and is now considered a mainstay in the OPI lineup of crème colours. You Don't Know Jacques! is a hybrid colour that is a very unique blend between dark taupe and the brown hue of a Portobello mushroom cap. As a creme polish, the brightness is a vivid liquid. Just imagine a melted Hazlenut coffee dripping from your fingertips, and that is what this polish colour evokes: a warm and cozy sensation. It is, by all accounts, a very unusual hue, but it is also very complimentary to its many wearers, who are all of different skin tones.  Although it can be worn all year round, its warm intonations might make it more appropriate for fall and winter. Because the initial coat is a delightful sheer layer, it is likely the first coat can be worn in the spring and summer months. However, if you desire a slightly opaque colour, you might want to try two coats at first. If the opacity is still not to your liking, or you wish to achieve an intense opaque colour, layering with three coats of crème polish will definitely achieve the results you desire. It is also important to note that depending on the occasion - whether it is formal or casual - you may want to opt for a different opacity. However, the You Don't Know Jacques! neutral colour itself will complement any occasion and ensemble. 


Brooklyn, NY


OPI Nail Lacquer - You Don't Know Jacques! NLF15

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