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O-Grill Portable Grill

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O Grill 1000 is a terrific portable grill


We have a camper and like to cook outdoors.  Our previous camper had a BBQ grill you could plug right into the propane system on the trailer, but our new one did not. So we did some searching for a portable grill.  We were considering Weber's Q Grill, but saw Pro-Iroda's O-Grill and liked it's thinner clamshell design. The O-Grill comes in 2 sizes, the 3000 which is larger and the 1000 which we bought.  To set the grill up for first time use, we opened the box it came in, unfolded the legs, placed the grill grate and attached a portable bottle of propane.  As quick as that we were lighting our grill to cook. The O-Grill 1000 has a procelain enameled cast iron grill grate giving you 164 sq. inches of cook surface.  The burner is stainless steel with an auto-ignite button and it's said to put out 9,000 BTU's of heat.  The legs fold under itself for storage and the grease tray is easy to remove to cleanup.  It runs on a 1lb propane canister and weighs under 20 lbs. There's enough room on this smaller O-Grill to cook several hotdogs and hamburgers at once - we did a cookout for 4 and had enough room for 6 dogs and 4 burgers.  If you plan on larger cookouts, consider the larger 3000 unit. We like it so much that when it comes time to replace our home's grill, we're going to get another O-Grill like the one in our camper. 

Madison, SD


O-Grill Portable Grill

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