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Graphics Card
Nvidia Geforce 6200 AGP 8x Video Card

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i like it


i like it so much

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Rebranded Card that's not worth the money


This card is a rebranded 5200 AGP card. It's performance was great back in 2003. However, it can't keep up with today's operating systems much less any other programs that you run on your machine that are graphically intensive. A better bet would be to get either a ATI HD 3650 AGP or a ATI HD 3850 AGP. Unfortunately, the 5600 AGP did out perform this card and now the 5700 outperformed it as well. The only other suggestion besides the above 2 are to buy a new motherboard with a PCI-Express x16 slot to run any of the new graphics card. Another reason to really read this review before considering this card is that it uses a larger die that puts out more heat and uses more power than most entry level graphics cards that are available now. Honestly, an ATI HD 4350 will outperform this card, use less power, and generally comes with a passive heatsink because the GPU doesn't put out that much heat. This card also doesn't support a lot of the newer features available in Windows Vista or Windows 7 vs the newer cards (generally from nVidia 6000 series and above and ATI X1000 series and above) such as Aero.

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Nvidia Geforce 6200 AGP 8x Video Card

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