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Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food

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Nutro Large Breed Formula Meets Large Breeds Needs


Large dogs have special nutritional needs. They often suffer from hip and other joint problems and they usually live shorter lives than smaller breeds. This is why some manufacturers have responded with dog foods made for the big boys and one of them is Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Lamb Meal Rice Formula Dog Food. Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Lamb Meal Rice Formula Dog Food is made using a special formula that helps meet the needs of larger breeds. With this dog food, a large breed is better prepared to face all that his life has to offer and at least has a better chance that his/her years will be healthier than otherwise. The basic nutrition in this dog food is better than most and dogs that eat this on a regular basis should have no problems receiving the nutrition they need. Another very important consideration when choosing a dog food is the ingredients and this brand of food does, indeed, offer some quality ingredients. Looking down the list, there is no corn or other low quality grain. Rice, real lamb, and other good ingredients form the bulk of those listed and make me feel good about serving this to my larger breed. And dogs like the taste of this food, so it won't go to waste. They may not be crazy about the flavor, but they do like it and that should be good enough. Dog foods number in the hundreds and it is nice that so many manufacturers have created foods made specifically for the larger breeds. Big dogs have important needs and Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Lamb Meal Rice Formula Dog Food helps to make sure that your large breed gets the nutrition he/she needs. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients found in this dog food are very good and are better than the majority of dog food products. Flavor Selection Limited flavor selection with this specific Nutro brand, but what it offers should be sufficient,

Houston, TX


From puppy to senior Nutro is the brand for us


I have been using Nutro brand Dog Food for well over 10 years now.  From the puppy food, to the Senior this food has never failed us.  Every dog that has come to us over the years has been put on the appropriate Nutro food and all have thrived on it.  Max, my now 14 year old 100lb retriever cross has been eating Nutro since he was a year old and I would not consider any other food.  My other half thinks he is giving Max a treat to pick up some store brand canned food and sneak it to him now and then but I can tell the minute I walk through the door, good lord that dog can stink up a house if he is fed something else. We have toured the Nutro facility in Victorville CA and were shocked at how clean it is.  I have seen many many many human food establishments that could not come close to the safety and cleanliness of this processing plant. Good food for good long healthy lives.  That is what you can expect from the Nutro product of your choice.

Phelan, CA


Always out of stock


I am completely disappointed in Nutro as a company.  They have a manufacturers representative in PetSmart most of the time promoting their food with claims that it is the best food out there, yet, every time I start my dogs on it I have to switch them to another brand because it is never in stock at any of the "pet" stores.  I specifically asked PetSupermarket as well as PetSmart and they said it is a problem with the vendor -- they cannot get any stock from Nutro.  I am also very disappointed because Nutro products were part of the pet food recall from China.  I was appalled to hear that they were getting products from China!  How dare they make such health claims and then have anything to do with China!! I have switched all of my pets, cats and dogs, to another brand and will not purchase Nutro products in the future. 

Roswell, GA



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