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Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care

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Great product


I love this product for my cat. It seems like it's the only kind of cat food I can get her to eat. It is extremely healthy with all natural ingredients which is great due to all of the unnatural ingredients they put in so many of the cheaper brands now a days. I probably would not put my cat on anything else. It is not too expensive and it is healthy what more could I ask for. Quality of Ingredients The ingredients are very healthy and all natural. If you look at the ingredients they are all things that you have heard of or know what they are unlike some other brands that have a lot of grains and byproducts that you do not want to be feeding your pets. The grains are good for their digestion and a lot of times pets can have food allergies and the ingredients in nutro are great for that and for pets with sensitive stomachs. Flavor Selection They do not have a ton of flavors but what they have is still great for my cat because she loves it.



Good food, no more indigestion!


I feed this to my cats and they do really well on it.  They were on a more rich food for a while that gave them indigestion and this one is mild enough that it doesn't bother them.  Of course, they don't like it as well - it must be a little bland.  But if mixed with canned food, they gobble it up.  It's great for the price and the company usually has rebates and coupons on a regular basis.  This review applies to both Natural Choice  Complete Care and Indoor Complete Care

Jeffersonville, IN


Highest quality dry cat food for the money


I have 3 Persians and a domestic shorthair.  All my cats love Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care.  The Persians get matted easily, but I've noticed when I feed them NNCCC their coats stay shiny and mat much less.  It has no corn products, so the cats have none of the gastrointestinal problems that come with that.  It costs more than grocery store brand, but the quality is comparable to high-end foods like Science Diet or Eukanuba, and it's much cheaper than those.  I've tried lots of different brands, but for the money this is the best.

Chickasha, OK


The only brand I'll feed my cats


My animals only get the best, and this food is definitely the best.  My cat suffers from IBS and also has diabetes.  Most foods upset his stomach no matter how slow the transition...and he needs to be on a high protein diet because of his diabetes.  Nutro Complete Care has helped him lose just enough weight so that I don't have to give him insulin shots twice daily, we're down to one injection a day. He also no longer has any stomach issues which makes me so much happier whilst cleaning the litterbox!

Summerville, SC


Best food out there for cats.


 Nutro Natural Choice Complete care, what a cat food. My cats have the best coats in the neighborhood. I have noticed that we have less medical problems since we switched to this food. It has everything a cat needs packed into each piece of food. Everyone of my cats love it and at times with fosters and rescues we can have up to 20 cats in the home and everyone of the ones I've had in here take straight to this food.

Canyon Lake, TX


Say good bye to nasty hair balls with Nutro Natural Choice.


Last month I became very worried about my buddy, friend, furry daughter, pal and cat, "Scrappy" who also happens to be the love of our lives. She stopped eating and nothing was helping her change that, She was losing weight and getting a bony butt.  I took her to the vet to find out what was going on and they were concerned about a hair ball getting stuck in her tummy.  I was told it was time to treat her tummy so the hair ball would come out the back end instead of the front end and from there she was on [Lax aire][1] for the laxative angle and that was about it from the vet...She still wasn't feeling herself and I thought I would take her to [PetSmart][2] to see what they had to say.  I was talking to the head trainer there who knows Scrappy very well and I told her of our issues of hairballs and her not eating.  Terri told me she had two cats and had the same issue.  She brought us over to the cat food section and told me about **Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care.  **She told me that the "top brand" only coats the hair in a cats tummy and doesn't break it down and **Nutro** has enzymes to help break it down so it passes easier.   I was happy that I learned this and as I looked at the package a little closer I found what other good stuff it has.  Vitamins and Minerals, less shedding, fewer hairballs (we haven't had one since she started this food). Omega 6 and Omega 3 to support brain, vision and heart function and easy to digest for that picky tummy.  Even her favorite flavor Oceanfish. They also have chicken. I have been really amazed at this product because her coat has such a beautiful shine and she is bouncing around like a little nut again.  Loving it!    [1]: [2]:

Appleton, WI


Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care

4.8 6