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Nutro Max
Nutro Max Complete Care Canned Food

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One Cat Loved Nutro Complete Care Canned Food - One HATED IT!


This cat food, based on brand name alone, is better for your cat than a lot of other cat foods. Nutro simply stated - is a good, solid brand for your cat. Cats being the creatures they are - are finnicky and one of my cats loved this food and one of them hated it! I couldn't rate this cat food anything less than 4 stars just because one of my kitties turned her nose up at it. Anyone who has a cat, knows their nature and knows you could bring the most expensive food home and they could still turn their silly noses up at it. So I am basing this on the reaction of my other kitty - obviously the one with some sense and smarts in her head! For her, she absolutely loves it because it is filled with many quality ingredients and not bad fillers like a lot of other cat foods are. For me, that is why I choose to pay for a more expensive brand of cat food. I want my kitties to have better-for-them food. I like the brand Nutro so much, I even feed my kitties dry Nutro 'Natural Choice Indoor Healthy Weight Adult Oceanfish'. And they BOTH love it!

Renton, WA


nutro is a well trusted name


Nutro complete care canned food for cats is a wonderful food. The taste and smell really get my cats excited about feeding time. I started feeding this when I found Nutro for my dogs. I read about the company and all it has done for animal food and decided to try this for my cats also. I found it in my local farm store and most pet stores also sell it so it is not too hard to find. It comes in many pleasing flavors and my cats seem to like them all about equally as well. I did notice that their coat really started to shine after they were on this food for a month or two. It does cost more than most other wet cat food, but it is about equail with all the other high quality foods out there. I do usually keep the dry nutro cat food down for the cats and give the canned food once per day or sometimes they have some twice per day. I'm sure if they had their way they would eat the canned food all day every day!

Logansport, IN


When you only give your cat the best!


I used to buy grocery store food for my cats but after hearing a few people rave about Nutro pet food I broke down and bought some. Granted, it is a bit pricier than lesser quality foods but my cat's don't seem to go through it as fast so the price probably evens out. Definitely worth the money though. Very high quality food. I've noticed massive improvements of coat condition in my cats. My little girl cat's coat is so shiny and silky. My picky adult cat who had become fairly thin started putting on weight soon after switching food. He now has been maintaining a healthy weight for over 6 months. Definitely an option for your picky cats! With all of the improvements in my cats that I can see I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that there are many improvements that I cannot see. This food seems to do wonders for their overall health and energy level. Definitely give it a try.

Orlando, FL


Nutro Max Complete Care Canned Food

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