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Snack Bars
Nutrilite Snack Bars

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A Healthier Snack Option


I have tried the Nutrilite Snack Bars in the past. I like the Nutrilite brand in general; I have had a good experience with their other products, so I wanted to try their snack bars out. I have tried out three flavors of the Nutrilite Snack Bars, the fudge brownie, the caramel, and the cranberry. I have to say I loved all of the flavors. The fudge brownie and the caramel bars were nice and chewy, while the cranberry had a nice crunch and crisp bite to it. All three varieties had a great flavor to them. The caramel and the fudge brownie flavors tasted like candy bars. I loved the fact that each snack bar was only 100 calories each, so I do not feel bad about having one as a snack. They really did not fill me up, like other meal replacement products normally do. In fact after eating just one I started to crave another one. But overall, this is a better snacking option than something I usually find and purchase in the vending machines at work. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a satisfying, yummy and healthy snack.



Nutrilite Snack bar


This is a soft snack bar, very chewy retains with a creamy flavor, but no fat nor calories. The bars contains four grams of fiber and its the dream of a person who wants to lose weight! The Pack brings four snack bar choices, each filled with rich flavor, and only 100 calories per bar. Each bar has vitamins to keep your body healthy. There are also variety the Nutrilite Snack Bar Variety Pack comes with Chocolate Caramel, Cranberry Crunch, Fudge Brownie and Caramel. The bars have a great taste and only 100 calories. It contains no corn syrup high fructose or hydrogenated oils or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It is a portable meal with portion control.

Paterson, NJ




This product is one of my favorites from Nutrilite! I absolutely love this company! They make such delicious this that are low calories and healthy! I was introduced to this company a long while ago. Six years to e exact! I absolutely love this snack bar. Not only do I eat it, my children eat it too! We take these bars on long trips! It's a great meal replacement!! I have been eating this bar for as long as I can remember. We order them all the time!!!!!!!! Everytime we order them, they only get better. My favorite flavor is the Blueberry. By children prefer the Apple! Our family is very very very health concious! If you are too I would definitely reccommend this to you! This is a great product! I have reccommended this product to many many people, including family, friends, and people i don't even know! I have urged many people to try it! Many people come back to me and they always tell me how delicious and healthy these bars are! I would definitley reccommend you to try it!

Suwanee, GA


Nutrilite Snack Bars

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