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Protein Powder
NutriBiotic Vegan Rice Protein Powder

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This Nutribiotic vegan rice protein powder I would rate on this scale a five. It is really hard to find a really good tasting vegan protein powder without all the crap in it. I have tried and tasted so many and I find that some of them have that weird funny aftertaste and not sure why! With this I did find that there was a weird aftertaste with it, almost like a sawdust or something flavor. I am not sure what they put in these but its really awful. I think they need to pay attention and actually taste and know that they have an aftertaste and not sell them like this because people dont like it! Other than that all the ingredients seemed to be good and it has a lot of protein in it for each serving size. I would not really reccommend this to anyone as I did not like the after taste and I am sure that no one else will enjoy that flavor either. I suggest trying other ones to see which ones you enjoy most!


Warren, OH


Love this stuff


Finding a vegan protein powder isn't easy. This one tastes amazing, mixes well, blends well.. it's just overall an amazing product.. It's easy to digest, low in fat, good nutrition on the run or otherwise. I've tried other protein drinks and either there is something in them that I'm allergic to, they mix like sawdust, or they taste terrible. I think this product is the best of the lot!




My favorite protein powder


In my quest for healthier eating for my family and me, I have tried several protein powders. I purchase the Plain version of Nutribiotic Rice Protein powder and like it so much better than any of the other flavors of other products I have tried in the past. While there may be a little more texture to the product, there is not a cloying aftertaste that you get with many other flavored and unflavored products. I find that after my workouts, I don't want something heavy and this product gives a lighter texture to my smoothies. I have used it to add extra protein to my milk and cereal, and while not bad, it does take a while to mix it well with the milk. One of the main reasons I chose it is that, while I don't have diagnosed issues with soy, I find that I feel better when I avoid this product which has been associated with some health issues. I try to eat 'clean' and this product fits into that goal.


Wilmington, NC


NutriBiotic Vegan Rice Protein Powder

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