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Nutrex Research
Nutrex Research LIPO-6 Fat-Loss Formula

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Great results at a great price


After I had my son and quit breastfeeding I still had about fifteen pounds I needed to loose to go back to my previous weight. I started trying everything and nothing seemed to truly work. Finally a coworker at the time told me she used these and lost twelve pounds in three weeks. I decided to give them a try, and it was a great decision. They give you a great energy boost without the jittery feeling or a crash later. Usually I decide I will start working out but by the end of the first week it starts to become spur attic until eventually I just quit. These gave me the extra energy to keep my workout routine daily and by the end of my fourth week I had lost the weight I wanted to. It was so simple just swallow a pill and see results, you just feel better taking them to! Effectiveness I lost the weight I wanted to before the first bottle was finished. Side Effects Gives you an extra energy boost, without a crash feeling later.



Lipo 6 gives me tons of energy without jitters!


I started taking Lipo 6 a few weeks ago and I must say I am a believer!!  I had been working out and watching what I ate and hit a plateau.  So I did some research and found lots of women that have had success with Lipo 6 so I decided to give it a try!  I could tell a difference right away.  My appetite had decreased, I eat six small meals a day and some days its kind of hard because I'm just not hungry.  I changed up my workout and I noticed I had so much more energy to get through the workout and then my day. I have taken other diet pills in the past that give you jitters and then a headache but Lipo 6 didn't do any of that! I have actually tried quite a few diet pills before and this is by far the best one yet! I only have eight pounds to go to my goal and Lipo 6 will help me get there!  I would recommend Lipo 6 to any woman who is looking to lose weight in addition to exercise and diet without jitters or other annoying side effects.   

Swannanoa, NC


What a kick!


This stuff gives you mucho mucho energy! Its like drinking 10 cups of coffee. My workouts were so much easier when i started taking it. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is b/c I just started taking the lipo 6x, and that one makes me sweat more, which i like for my workouts.

West Palm Beach, FL


Lipo 6 works before you know it.


One day I needed to take control of my weight and I came upon Lipo 6 I was taking it for about 3 weeks with excercise and had lost about 10 pounds. I didn't even notice that I was losing weight. I felt like I was just taking vitamins and with every workout I had I felt good doing it.

Frederick, MD


Nutrex Research LIPO-6 Fat-Loss Formula

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