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Nutrex Muscle Infusion Black, Vanilla Beast, 5-Pound (Nutrex)

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Outstanding flavor


Alright, this is good stuff. I ordered a tub of Muscle Infusion Vanilla beast when Nutrex was offering their free 5lb promotion. I decided to get Vanilla, having tried many companies' chocolate flavors including Myofusion, Dymatize, Optimum Nutrition, and Twinlab. I tried Metrx's vanilla a year ago and it was absolutely the worst tasting protein powder I have ever bought. I decided to try vanilla once again though since I heard good things about Nutrex's flavoring.   So, let's talk about the packaging first. Nutrex didn't skimp out on this at all. It is amazing. The tub plastic itself is sliver colored, and the label is mostly black. The coolest part is how the words, "Muscle Infusion," are actually clear so you see through the label to the silver plastic tub. This results in a pretty cool effect. No joke, this is the best packaging I've seen(barely beating out Myofusion's see through tub IMO) The scooper is HUGE. It reminds me of BSN's Syntha 6 scoop - Very large and with a large handle. The large handle is very useful since you don't have to stick your hand in the tub very deep. Taste is next. Absolutely amazing. It smelled a lot like Metrx vanilla which worried me because that one tasted like crap. But when I added water, mixed it, and sipped it, I was very relieved. The flavor reminded me of a very sweet milk with caramel mixed in. The consistency was perfect - like a shake. No joke, this stuff rivals Myofusion in taste. It's that good. Nutrition: The profile is solid. It's more calorie dense than your straight up whey since it has a lipid blend and is a protein mix. It lists the AA profile, which is great too. Solid. All in all, this was an amazing product. Highly recommend for taste and results. 

La Jolla, CA


Nutrex Muscle Infusion Black, Vanilla Beast, 5-Pound (Nutrex)

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