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Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Pacifica Tablets

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An all natural supplement that has some interesting ingredients


I have mixed feeling about this multi vitamin. The cost is a little high. You get 400 pills in each bottle but you have to take six a day! That is the most pills that I have ever seen that had to be taken from a multi vitamin. The supply does last you two months. It does not even have a lot of vitamins and minerals in it. There are only two vitamins that have 100% of daily needs, which are Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin A. There are only four other minerals in the vitamin. I guess one appeal is that it is vegan, but I don't really care about that part. Another selling point is the immune supporting protein the bottle claims. I do not know of any research that supports that the special protein helps. These are large pills that you must take with water and this is another vitamin that tastes horrible! I gave it some points because Vitamin A is not widespread in our food supply, and it can be useful in a vitamin. I wont be purchasing any more of this for myself though, as I prefer taking one pill a day from a vitamin.



Super Healthy!


These Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Pacifica Tablets are super good for you!! Spirulina is a blue-green algae that is jam packed full of healthy stuff like vitamins A, K, B12, iron, magnesium, chromium, sodium, and potassium. A lot of the good stuff in it can also be found in those leafy, green vegetables that some people don't like to eat. So it can be a convenient and beneficial boost for people who just don't get enough nutrition or eat enough vegetables. The tablets are really great because you can easily taken them once a day for an immune system and body boost! The tablets are much easier to take than the powder, which can get everywhere and can take a while to drink up if you mix it with water. One thing about these spirulina tablets, though, is that they can be hard to find. Not all the drug stores in my area carry this brand, and typically if you find it this is likely the only brand the store will carry. So, if you like another brand better you might be out of luck. However, I think this brand is just fine.





Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Pacifica 180 tablet (nutrex hawaii) This is a wonderful product that I Have used for awhile and I just love it. It gives you a blast of energy when you really need it the most. It is packed with a powerhouse of nutrients and vitamins and minerals that your body needs. It is very easy to take as its a tablet and you just swish back with some water and you are good to go. You dont have to taste anything it goes down really quickly unlike the other products that are powder formed. I would definately highly reccommened this to anyone lookings to try any type of spirulina. I would defiantly say you want to go for the tablets because that is what most people can handle as far as taste and not having to reallly taste anything getting all of the benefits from it. Its a fabulous product I would not go back to the powder form this is so easy and simple to take !

Warren, OH


Nutrex Hawaiin Spirulina Pasifica is natural, give me the tablet


I received a sample sachet of Nutrex Hawaiin Spirulina Pasifica Powder in the mail. It contains exactly the same ingredients as the tablets. That is why I am reviewing it here. It states that it is "All Natural, 100% Vegetarian". In a serving it has Vitamin A, K, B12, iron, magnesium, manganese, chromium, sodium, potassium, and much more. With the powder I could have it in juice, fruit smoothie, or sprinkle it on food. When I opened it, the powder was a green/black. I thought this looked awful. I added it to a small glass of milk I was drinking, and it turned green. I mixed it up, and when I had finished, I had green on my lips, tongue, and in my teeth. There really wasn't any taste to it. There is no way that I could use the powder, but plan on checking out the tablets. When I read the literature that came with it, it states that it is: "A blue-green algae naturally found in a few high alkaline lakes in Africa and Central America." Now I know why it is that color.

New Port Richey, FL


Nutrex Hawaii Spirulina Pacifica Tablets

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