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Nutramax Labs Cosequin Chewable Tablets (120 Ct.)

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I would never EVER recommend this product to anyone who actually love their dogs! My family has an older pit-bull. He's a sweet old man who is a total lover face. As he's aged his hips have gotten bad and he sometimes has a hard time getting up and moving. Other days he runs and frolics in the yard like a puppy. He was prescribed this medication to help with the joint discomfort. What happened next was a thousand times worse than hip and joint pain! My poor doggie became so sick we were afraid we were going to lose him. He could not stand up on his own. My husband had to carry him outside and once there, he couldn't even lift his leg to pee. He would wet himself just laying on the ground and that is not even close to normal behavior. We took him back to the vet and stopped the Cosequin but there was nothing else they could do for him. We just had to wait it out and see. Thankfully, he made a full recovery but I am so mad at the company that made these. No where was there any mention of the possible side effects. At least none as drastic as what we encountered. I don't believe that it was a coincidence, nothing else about his diet or environment changed before the illness.

Southfield, MI


My older dog is like a young dog now


My older dog takes these every day for artritis and within a week she was acting like a young dog again. She only takes a half a pill a day so I have to cut the pills in half.  I cut up about 2 weeks worth at a time so its not a big deal.  She is so worth it.  She is on this med for rest of her life but it is so worth it.  I wish they worked on humans cuz I sure could use a med like this!

Apo, AE


My dog thinks they're treats, and they really help her arthritis


My dog is a rescue who was taken away from her owners for lack of care.  She was in terrible condition and could not walk to my neighbor's driveway (I live in a subdivision) when I first got her.  All the wear and tear from not being taken care of had taken a toll on her joints.  My vet recommended Cosequin DS.  I started her on that immediately, and although my vet and an arthritis specialist said that she has one of the worst cases of arthritis in one of her elbows, we can go for short walks and she is not in pain.  She can run around in the yard without any problem.  Cosequin DS can't put off the inevitable of old age and arthritis, but it has definitely helped my dog!

Belleville, IL


Nutramax Labs Cosequin Chewable Tablets (120 Ct.)

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