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Nutra-Lift Moisturizing Cleansing Gel Herbal Non Soap

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What on Earth is Non Soap?


 I had won this product in a giveaway and I really expected this Non Soap to be like an antibacterial hand sanitizer gel but when I read the ingredients it sounded more like something you would find in a health food store. The first listed ingredient is certified organic aloe vera gel and that's exactly what this product feels like but it actually suds up (it does have surfactants in it). It's a very mild clear cleanser that smells like orange Starbursts to me. The directions tell you use 1 to 2 squirts and then let set on your face for 30 seconds before using a washcloth and rinsing. I have never used a washcloth while using this product or really paid close attention to how long it was on my face and it still worked fine. One of the ingredients listed is Hyaluronic Acid - stuff that will fill in soft tissue defects (like wrinkles), I don't really have any wrinkles or fine lines so I don't really see any huge difference on my skin. It does have sulphur in it (colloidal sulphur) so I was pleasantly surprised to see that - and it seems like my adult acne has been reduced since using this product. This Non Soap isn't as drying as regular soap and I have used it as hand soap to help with winter chapping (it really helped).

Edwardsville, IL


Nutra-Lift Moisturizing Cleansing Gel Herbal Non Soap

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