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Nunn Milling Company
Nunn Milling Company Nunn-Better Cat Food Gourmet Blend

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For the Price, Nunn-Better Cat Food Feeds our Farm Cats Well


Yes, its an inexpensive cat food, but Nunn-Better Gourmet Blend Cat Food delivers complete nutrition for large groups of cats. Vitamins and minerals are listed in small print in paragraph form, and amounts are not given as on more high priced cat food bags. It's carried in our local grocery stores in the 3.5 pound and 7 pound bags. I consider this food pay for working cats on the farm. It contains three shapes, basically to tempt the sensibilities of the buyer -- cats don't care. They do care about flavor, and our herd of cats chow down on it with a vengence! It must appeal to cat taste buds, as they love it. Chicken meal is the second ingredient, understanding that ground corn comes first. Fish meal is included, as well as  whey and dried egg product. Protien content is 30%. Of course our cats supplement with "fresh foods" as part of their rodent control work. It can be fed dry or moistened with milk, water or warm broth in the winter months. When economic hard times hit, Nunn-Better can feed your cats until circumstances improve. Donate some to your local animal shelter when you can!

Bremond, TX


Nunn Milling Company Nunn-Better Cat Food Gourmet Blend

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