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Nuby No-Spill Drinking Cup

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Not for long-term use.


Well, my daughter loved this cup when she was in the market for a sippy cup.  She was breastfed and could also drink from  a traditional sippy cup, but, missed nursing.  This was good for the transition.  I agree that the kids bite pieces off of the mouth piece after a few uses.  Also, it tears easily when cleaning.  The cup we bought came with a lid but the lid wouldn't stay on the cup.  I did not buy another one once I had to throw it away.  We got the disposable Take 'n toss cups.


Deep Water, WV


Wonderful for bottle to cup transition!!!


We used this cup and other Nuby products to transition from bottle to cup.  We used this at night when we weaned off the bottle and my son took to it immediately.  It was so easy and we were off the bottle within a week.  I would highly recommend trying this kind of cup for the same reasons.  After some use the tip for drinking did split and it was no longer spillproof.  The fat short cup with handles my son threw on the floor and the plastic split but I would still recommend this cup for transitions because it was a miracle worker!!


Lexington, KY


Great for taking off the bottle, take when they bite with teeth


I would suggest this for any parent who is serious about taking their child off a bottle, yet don't buy and keep buying for the older ones with teeth who like to bite and chew on things.  I have seen quite a few children who has adults around them taking part of them keeping and continuing to give/allow to use and some have even choked on the nipples they bite off these.  So, PLEASE!, don't give or get another one once you notice ur child is doing this.  I myself would rather have my child than a "convienant sippy cup".  Don't say it if you haven't really thought about it in "Safety Matters!" first......It can happen!!


Stout, OH


Good, at first


This was my daughter's first sippy cup introduced at around 6 months. It was wonderful at first beause it was easy for her to hold and drink from on her own. The problems that I had with them was after a while, she would only gnaw on them. She ended up using them more for teething than for drinking. I think that this product is awesome for a first sippy when your baby DOESN'T have any teeth, but once those teeth come in, it's time to switch to a different cup.


Peru, ME


Bite Proof


The little nubby's are great until a child gets teeth. Once they get some teeth it is too easy for them to bite a hole in them. I couldn't figure out why all my daughters sippy cups were leaking and I started really looking at them. I realized that they all had holes bitten in the nipple. They are great to use while breaking them off the bottle.


Highland, IL




I wish I had all the money back we spent on these cups! They are easily chewed and pose a choking hazard! They are definitely an easy transition from bottle to cup, and easy to unassemble and wash, without alot of complex parts. But after a couple days of use, the slits in the sippy part bust and thankfully it hasn't happened to my kids, but that is definitly a choking hazard!


Shinnston, WV


You get what you pay for


I was excited to try this type of sippy for my child, but became very disappointed after just a weeks worth of use.  The no spill sippy cup leaked all over, after just 3 uses (and my child didn't have teeth yet).  It would leak if it was tipped over, held upside down, or when being shook while upright.


Lafayette, IN


If you like your baby wet then this the cup for you


I bought this sippy cup on the recommendation of a friend. It is the worst thing I have ever used. After my son drinks from it he is soaking wet all the way down the front of his shirt and pants. I dumb cup lets to much water out and starts leaking the first time its used.


Dayton, OH


spill proof, gets child using a cup faster than sippy cups.


The nuby cups come in various tops.  One is a cross between a bottle and a sippy cup.  It makes the child suck and prepares them to use a straw.  There is one between the bottle/sippy cup, it is strawlike but a little fatter than a straw.  Then there is one that is a straw.  All is spill proof.  We have used all three in that order.  Our son stopped using a bottle at 10 months.  He didn't even care about the bottles, he wanted to be like his dad and drink from a straw.  I highly recommend this product.


Louisville, KY


Doesn't withstand toddlers that like to chew on things.


Although I enjoy the easy transition this cup offers, I was constantly buying replacement cups with my first son because he chewed all the tops apart.  The screw on lids also tend to leak after numerous uses.  With my second son I only gave him these cups for about 3 months and then switched to a harder spout because he was already chewing on the spout.  Overall, yes these are worth trying, but don't expect to be able to use them for very long .


Nicholasville, KY


Nuby No-Spill Drinking Cup

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