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Nuby Natural Touch Starter Kit

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Nuby bottles made transitions a breeze.


I origionally bought many different types of bottles and finally set my sites on Nuby because I could change out the top and turn the bottle into a sippy cup when my son was ready.  I had heard horror stories about transitioning over to sippy cups because the child doesn't want to give up the bottle.  I picked up my son from daycare to find that he had not drank any of his milk and I was conserned.  I racked my brain trying to figure out why he wasn't drinking anything.  Finally when he was crying really bad I ran over and grabbed his juice without thinking about it and he downed it no problem.  That was when the thought crossed my mind that I gave him his juice in his sippy cup and his milk in his bottle.  I immediately switched the top off of the milk from the bottle top to the sippy cup top, and he downed it.  It finally dawned on me he has switched over on his own because he could control the flow of the sippy cup better and he could get his fluids faster and with less effort then his bottle.  It was awesome.  My son did break the tops a lot when his teeth came in but it was more then worth the lack of stress!


Tarawa Terrace, NC


Nuby feeder bottles are a lifesaver for Busy Mommies!


Hi all, I wanted to share my experiences with Nuby brand Feeder Bottles.  I love them.  They are wonderful for a young first solids feeder.  The Kit I purchased has one 2 ounce feeder...and one 4 ounce feeder with handle attatchments.  I love them.  My mom suggested them, and even included my first set in the shower basket she prepared.  I was hesitant at first to use them.  She insisted I give it a try, as she had used a similar product with all of us, and found it to be less mess.  I was a little worried that it was the "lazy" way to feed my baby his solid food.  I thought at first that he would be harder to table train if he were used to just having to suck on a bottle.  The two ounce size is my favorite, just the right size for a Gerber first stages container. The four ounce bottle is nice because it has the "grip" handles for a slightly older baby, but I don't use the nipple attatchment provided for it.  The nipple that comes on the two ounce bottle has little nubs for massaging baby's gums, which my son seems to find soothing.  I have also used other nipples of the same size, because I am unable to find replacement nipples from Nuby.  Other than that they are extremely convienent.  I have a four year old, and a six month old...and Ifind a lot of the time I just don't have enough hands at the right moment.  I do not exclusevly feed his solids with this product, but it is a huge timesaver to be able to prepare a cereal bottle, or a first foods bottle for him, get his feeding out of the way withough the muss and mess of traditional feedings.  I still use his high chair for most of those feeding, and I wouldn't suggest giving the bottle while in his car seat or anything, just doesn't seem safe to me.  I tend to use it a lot more when we travel...the lack of mess is amazing, I really can not say that enough.  There is next to no mess!  When infants are learning to eat at the table..it goes everywhere (some experienced Moms already know this...but for every one else...) It can ruin clothes to get the prepared foods on them..and it can be a mess for Mom too!  When we travel I set up one or two bottles ahead of time, so they are ready to go.  If I get caught out it still isn't that big a deal to prepare one.  Generally the baby food is the right consistancy to just pour into the bottle, but if available soak the container in Hot water for a few minutes beforehand.  It makes the food mor "pourable" and seems to be tastier for my little one.  The Nuby Nurser Feeder is easy to clean, and comes apart in five easy snap pieces.  It is effortless to take apart, clean and put together.  I use a dishwasher basket to sterilize all of our feeding products, and this one fits in very nicely.  I also really like that there is a slight "click" that you hear when the bottom is in the right place.  I have found that overall, they save lots of time, lots of messes and are easy for both myself and my little guy.  He is not any harder to feed when I offer him food at the table either.  I was sooo sooo sooo wrong!  He quickly switches back and forth from the Nuby Nurser Feeder and a spoon without any fuss.   I think it's great.  I do introduce all of his new foods using the Nuby.  I have found that for new tastes, and slightly different textures he does better with the Nuby than with a spoon.  I also have to admit it is nice to keep him a "baby" longer with the Nuby.  I can now snuggle him and cuddle while he is eating the solid foods as easily as when he was at the breast or later when he had formula.  It is nice to be able to rock and cuddle at the end of a busy day, instead of highchairs, spoons and of course...the clean up! I really hope that for a new parent, this review helps to make a choice about feeder bottles in general, but specifically the Nuby Brand Feeder.  I thouroughly enjoy using the product, there is very little maintenance involved in it, and I have found that it does not interfere with Baby learning to eat with a spoon.  For someone that is reviewing products to give as gifts...this makes a great shower gift, as I said above, I recieved my first set at my shower. I thought her idea was very cute, she included the Nuby Feeder Bottle, a box of Gerber rice cereal, and a "video" box full of the rectangular Gerber first foods, along with a couple different kinds of baby spoons, and a package of cloth  diapers along with a package of disposable diapers.  Just a gift idea I wanted to share, it was all things that were used, while respecting the different choices that new parents make with their new bundle of joy! 


Sacramento, CA


Nuby Natural Touch Starter Kit

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