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Nubian Heritage
Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Bar Soap

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smells like heaven


This soap smells absolutely wonderful. Does the job, all natural, no nasty chemicals. Try it! Doesn't dry out skin, leaves you nice and clean and your bathroom smelling great. I am a bar soap user, and this is one of my favorite soaps to use. Definitely top 10. I like to try different soaps, byt i do go back to this because it's awesome!



My favorite soap!


Nubian heritage is my absolute favorite soap. I love the black sass and honey and I also love the other scents. I have noticed an improvement in my skin since I have started using it a year ago. It does not dry out my skin like normal bar soap and it is made with all natural ingredients so I do not have to worry about what I am putting on my body. Scent All of the Nubian heritage soaps have an amazing scent.

Hendersonville, NC


A great addition to your soap collection.


I recently purchased this soap based on consumer reviews rating it highly. I do agree that this soap is exceptionally good. Effectiveness The soap has a pleasant fragrance, lathers well and is quite moisturizing. Scent The scent of this soap is pleasantly natural and calming.

Saint Anne, IL


Nubian Heritage Honey & Black Seed Bar Soap

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