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NuVet Labs manufactures and distributes NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus natural supplements. These products are made from the finest human-grade ingredients and are manufactured in a FDA-registered laboratory in the U.S.A.

NuVet's team of pet industry scientists, veterinarians, and medical specialists created NuVet Plus to be a high-quality product that incorporates a precise formula of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbs, and antioxidants. These ingredients perform synergistically to strengthen your pet's immune system and improve their overall health.

NuVet has helped more than 400,000 pets since 1997. Read the NuVet Plus reviews and other NuVet Labs reviews to learn more about NuVet products.

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Be careful of the autoship scam


I purchased NuVet in 2016 as recommended by the breeder. It doesn't have any significant effect on my dog, so I totally forget about this product after I finished one bottle. However, I surprisedly received a shipment email from NuVet and a package a few days later in the end of 2017. The shipment email included only a tracking number, with no further information. The package came with a invoice and it tells me that this is the autoship order. I don't remember I subscribed to their product. Even I did, I didn't receive any confirmation before they charge me and ship me the product. The most ridiculous part is, I called them for a refund but they claimed that they are going to destroy the product I ship back to them so that they have to charge me 20%. In order to cancel the entire autoship, I am subject to another 20% destruction fee. I don't know what it is, and I will call them to confirm. They have very unclear policy and definitely try to get the most out of your pocket without telling you. Not only you will get an unauthorized charge of over $50, you will also pay nearly $20 to hopefully have a refund. The worst part is when you try to get rid of this company for good and find out it is just impossible. You need to call numerous times and finally clear the autoship, with $20 or even much more loss of money for being stupid to purchase this product in the first place.


daytona beach, fl


NuVet Reviews


To say we are extremely happy with this product doesn't say enough! If you have a pet who is ill and has received a suggestion for euthanization from the vet, I encourage you give NuVet products a try. We've used NuVet Plus and found that it not only extended the life of two family dogs, but also increased quality of life along the way. We first found NuVet about 5 years ago when our daughter's golden retriever, Winnie, had a stroke at 5 years old. We took Winnie to 3 different vets, including a holistic vet. In the beginning, the vets prescribed her all kinds of things that only made matters worse. We scoured the internet for alternatives because we weren't ready to let her go. We found NuVet and Winnie ended up living to be 10 years old. Her quality of life dramatically increased, she was walking and smiling right up until the end. We ultimately put her down because we'd found cancer had spread through her body and it was getting too painful for her. We also used NuVet with our border collie about 2-3 years ago. We think she got bit by a tick while in her pen. By the time she walked from her pen to the back door, she'd lost whole use of her back end. We put her on NuVet Plus at 11 or 12 and she's still going now, 14 years old! Pets are family and we decided that if there is no cure for what's ailing them, we could at least help give their bodies a fighting chance. The NuVet pill was the only acceptable solution out of everything we checked into, especially in Winnie's situation. It's a wonderful product for ill pets who still have a lot of spirit. The company does offer a quantity discount. there were times we couldnt afford to order it. they do offer qty discount. not out of our reach, but hard to pay for. can talk to them on the phone.


Westlake Village, CA


I will buy this product again and recommend this


Our 14 year old dog Lady had several tumors on her, some being bloody and infected from incessant licking. The idea of surgery could have a possible negative outcome in 2 areas, her bottom and her elbows. Besides, she's 14! So after the vet visit I came home and looked on the internet for natural remedies for tumors in dogs and NuVet Plus came up. I thought it was worth a try even though my husband was very sceptical. Ordering was easy and our shipment came within 2 days! Within 1 week we began seeing a positive change in Lady! My husband was shocked! Lady's tumor on her eyelid fell off in 2 weeks. The one on the back of her neck fell off a week after that! Her bottom tumor has shrunk down and almost gone! And the tumors on her elbows are much better as well! Oh yea, I almost forgot! Lady's eyes were clouded prior to NuVet, now they are clear. Lady has more energy, happier an her coat is shiny! Thank You so much NuVet for this product! I can't say enough good about you! Keep up the good work!!!!


Benton Harbor, MI


My Cavaliers are so much better for using NuVet Plus Powder.


My Cavaliers are older ,10 and 9 yrs. old. Cavaliers are known for health problems. My 10 yr old, Duncan started having seizures. I searched until I read about NuVet powder. I ordered the powder and truly within 2 weeks we started see more active dogs. We have learned we had to give our dogs 3 scoops each. They are simply thriving. Duncan,bless him, has not had a seizure since we started them on this powder . Their health has improved in many ways. Some days they actually act like puppies. We are thrilled and so happy we get to spend more time with them. I can only hope this will work for you too. We feel this is much better than going to Vets and taking all those Meds for the rest of their lives. DJ Vieira




Great Product!!


My German Shepherd started to have seizures at 3 years old She was having a seizure at least once a month..I was on line to find a natural product , and the NuVet plus came up I ordered a bottle to try them , Dakota has been taking the tabs 3 times a day like they told me to do and has been taking them since Feb of 2016 after the first month the seizures seem to be milder not so intense . She has not had a seizure for 3 months Praise The Lord! This product has helped her .also her coat is Sooo soft! She is doing great Thank you Nu Vet for this product! I Also want to thank the staff at NuVet they are always so polite and helpful when I have called them with questions!


Mt. Vernon Ohio


nuvet plus


I have a 4 year old GSD. I got him from a rescue. He had been very badly abused. After I had him a short time I realized he had a bad allergy problem. After numerous trips to the vets, allergy injections, shampoos and expensive foods, I started giving him Nuvet Plus. His itching and scratching has all but disappeared, his coat and skin are healthy, and he loves getting the tablets. He gets 2 a day, and the change in him is awesome. Great product!


Clearwater, FL.


NuVet Plus - We Love you!


I want to thank you for your AMAZING supplement. I am so grateful you developed it and that I found NuVet. My dogs Scrappy and Doo Dah Day are seniors with different health issues that have significantly improved and now they run and play like they are young again. It has been like a fountain of youth for my best friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Las Vegas, NV


Great product!


Our Golden Retriever has a beautiful, thick, soft coat. Many people have commented how his coat feels and looks. I'm glad I came across NuVet Plus. I place one tablet in his morning meal every day. This is a great product and it has worked well for my golden.


Batesville, IN


Good product


This is a good product. I have a 14 year old small dog and a 4 year old (same breed as the older dog). For the 14 year old I absolutely see benefits. She walks around wagging her tail again...she even seems to see a little better. She back to doing things she hasnt done in a long time! Playing a little more and sleeping outside on our deck. I'm impressed! For the younger dont I havent seen such obvious improvements bit she didnt have and health issues before I started giving her NuVet. I have had the vet tell me that her teeth are in very good shape for a 4 year old. I give them good quality food daily. I do not use a code when I buy the profuct so no one is getting a "kick back" from me. I am set up with autoship and get 4 bottles at a time. Definitely a lot cheaper that way than buying a single bottle at a time.




I highly recommend Nuvet.


I have a 12.5 year old Pug named Zoe. She has been living with Bladder Cancer for a little over 2 years. Zoe used to get infections on her bladder which would cause her to pee blood. I had heard about Nuvet from an old dog walking client an how healing it had been for her Jack Russell, Satchmo. Since giving Zoe the Nuvet a year ago she has not had pee in her urine/an infection on her bladder. It has also stopped my lab from having itchy skin.


Dallas, Tx


NuVet Plus - Canine Supplements

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