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NuFace Trinity

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I really like the NuFACE Trinity!


I purchased my NuFACE Trinity last fall. I have to say there is a short learning curve with this product or there was for me. It took me a few times to learn how to use it properly and for the first week or so, it took me about twenty minutes to do my whole face. Now I can do my face in about five to ten minutes. It has five different levels of strength. I am now up to the strongest level, and I can really feel it at times. I would suggest starting at a lower strength until you get use to it. It comes with Gel Primer which you must have to make it glide smoothly. The tube will last a long time if you use small amounts, and it only takes a small amount for each section of your face. Only use this device on a clean face. I am really seeing a noticeable different in the tone of my face; however, the secret to this product is consistency. I have had to use it everyday for about three months to see a real difference in the firmness of my complexion. It is really working though. I would highly recommend this product if you are willing to commit to using it on a regular basis.


Maryville, TN


Requires a daily usage commitment for fantastic results!


WOW. This device has really transformed my face. It took about 90 days before I really noticed any affect. During the first 90 days, I used the product daily but did not feel or SEE any difference. Then suddenly, I started to feel my facial skin become more tone. After six months, my jawline is more defined and my jowls diminished. My nasal fold lines are also diminished, but not gone. I believe this device does stimulate the facial muscles and helps increase collagen production. Others have noticed a definite change in my facial appearance. My cheekbones feel firmer and appear higher. I have much more confidence thanks to the diminishing of the jowls and the jawline transformation. Unfortunately, after eight months, the device ON/OFF button is nonresponsive. Since it is under warranty, I have returned it for repair. The NuFace staff has been very helpful in handling the warranty repair. NOTE: an extended warranty is available and I feel worth the expense. The head of the device is removable as other treatment head types are expected to become available late 2012/early 2013. So having the option of purchasing the new treatment head is also a nice benefit. The price and return policy greatly varies depending on where it is purchased, so worth doing research online before purchasing.


Thousand Oaks, CA


NuFace Trinity

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