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Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Astringent

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It is very tingly and a good morning wakeup astringent.


This is very comparable to seabreeze which was usually my go to favorite but I got to try this one on a good sale and coupon deal that made it nearly free. Figured it was worth it! I like to change acne cleansers every two or three weeks to keep my skin from getting used to any particular formula and to train it to not be so sensitive. With this astringent, you do not get any cleansing pads so you have to purchase those separately. You can get a pack of 100 for less than a buck so not a deal breaker. The scent is very harsh on this. It's minty kind of like menthol but it's potent and strong. The astringent kind of tingles your face and it's blue so it must have some sort of dyes in it which I find disappointing but the tingly feeling is kind of nice. It's a definite morning wake up. I like to use this as a toner and a cleanser when I get done with working out sometimes. It helps pick up dirt off my face before I go through my nightly routine and it helps with stress and workout breakouts. Overall good acne fighter and toner but not too great for blackheads. It can over dry if you use it multiple times a day. Effectiveness Good at cleansing and toning but not for blackheads or deep cleaning. Ease of Application You have to apply it on a pad first but it's still easy. Convenience It could be a little more convenient and easy it's not complicated. Side Effects It can over dry you a little bit. Immediacy Goes right to work pulling dirt and oil off your face.



Feels great on your face!


I have used Noxzema since I was old enough to worry about washing away makeup. I loved the way it was a cold feeling going on, and it was like you could actually feel it working, penetrating your pores and giving you a deep down clean. I depended on it as a teen to keep my face clean and now I have found Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Astringent. A perfect addition to the Noxzema skin care line. Keeping skin clean and clear for years.  This astringent fights breakouts, and leaves you with a cleaner looking complextion. It has Salicylic acid and acne fighting medication to get rid of the breakouts and prevents future ones with continued use. Its is triple action astringent, 1. It purifies pores. 2. Treats and helps prevent blemishes. 3. Refreshes your complextion, leaving your skin feeling so great and just refreshed, you will love the feeling! I would use in combination with Noxzema face cream for great results. If face begins to become too dry, discontinue to use one or the other, as it is a drying agent with the acne medication in it.

In the sun, FL


Not Likely I'll buy this again


At first I thought this astringent was good and worked. I could actually feel the tingly sensation you get when you use astringents. But overtime I noticed that the astringent dried my skin out. After applying the astringent, my skin would feel very tight and uncomfortable. I also noticed that the skin on face looked different. It didn't look fresh and smooth. I think this astringent worsened my skin condition. It didn't really help in clearing my face either.  I no longer use astringents because I heard that they tend to dry your skin out and can be very harsh on your skin. My skin is very sensitive, so I have to be careful about which products I used. However, I can't speak on everybody's behalf, because everybody's skin is different. What didn't work for me may work for you and vice versa. The best thing to do is to try different products until you find the best on that works for you. Noxzema still makes other good products that I use but this astringent just didn't work for me.

Jonesboro, GA


Noxzema Astringent is the best astringent on the market


Noxzema Astringent is an excellent product.  It is one of the best astringents I have ever used and I have used several different brands.  It gets deep down intot he pores and actually gives you that clean and refreshed feeling.  I personally have to use the sensitive skin formal and it is actually gentle enough to where it doesnt irritate my skin.  I even use it at least two to three times a day and it doesnt dry out my skin or irritate it.  It is relatively cheap also.  It is found practically everywhere beauty are sold.  The best way to use it is with cotton balls or the cotton pads and you can actually see the results.  I have not really used other noxzema products but I do enjoy this one very much.  And for the cheap price you get alot of product I use the product at least two times a day and everyday of the week and the bottle will last me around three weeks.  Which to me is great the way the economy is now a days.

South Bend, IN


Noxzema Triple Clean Anti-Blemish Astringent

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