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Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Shaver

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I wouldn't recommend this product


This product should come with a warning label informing customers of a brutal shave. It felt like I was shaving with broken glass.

West palm beach, Florida


Close shave


I absolutely love these razors! These are some of my very favorite razors. In all the years I have been shaving these are probably the best value and give the best shave for the value. I had been using two blade disposable razors and I was looking to maybe see if these would give a better shave than what I had been using. Yes they did. The Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Razors delivered! These give a great, close shave. They are very good looking I might add as well, they don't look like the junky two blade disposable razors I had been using. They have great grips on the handle and just look really high quality. Slight drawback is that these will nick and of course since they have more blades they will nick more. But worth it for the great shave that you get otherwise.

Holcomb, KS


not what i expected


I really like noxzema products but this one just doesnt  cut it very well.  but i guess if you are looking for a zheap razor this one is it. the razor is very dull and left my legs cut and rashed. i did use shaving cream or soap cause the shavin cream was to thick,. my friend used them on his face and it striaght up raped his face lol has cuts ever where but it was all he had at the time. they are cute razor and comes in bright colors i do like that part. has a nice grip handle. disposbile razors really arent that nice to have anyways and there might be a good razor noxzema has but i didnt like this one at all. my legs were buring for a while after i used them.  but might be different for everyone. if you need a cheap razor for some reason these are pretty cheap just not all that good on shaving. i think that noxzema should stick with their face products. now those are pretty awesome and work lol

Greenville, SC


Great price, great shave!


I recently purchased Noxzema triple blade disposable razors and I am very happy with my purchase.  The reason I purchased the Noxzema triple blade disposable razors was because the other razors I was using were too expensive.  The Noxzema triple blade disposable razors come in four fun colors and give an wonderful and great close shave.  The Noxzema triple blade disposable razors have some grippy rubber along the edge of t he handle so there is no chance of slipping while shaving with them in the shower.  The Noxzema triple blade disposable razors also have a strip of aloa for added smothness and moisture while shavinging.  I would highly recommend the Noxzema triple blade disposable razors to my friends and family.  The Nozema triple blade disposable razors can be purchased at any department or drug store near your home.  If you like the more expensive disposable razors and see that the Noxzema triple blade disposable razors are much less expensive, even when they aren't on sale give them a try.

Woodinville, WA


Want stubble and nicks? Step right up, this is the razor for you


I recently found myself asking my daughter if she any disposible razors, and could I have one. She gave me a Noxema Super Smooth Triple Blade razor. I have always been a fan of Noxema, and I didnt even know they made these.So I read the package, and it says for silky smooth skin, these are great, and that the pivoting head hugs curves and tricky areas with ease. Off I went and while first starting to shave, I noticed it seemed rough agianst my skin. There is a strip of Jojoba, that is suppose to soften the skin,and protect agianst nicks, but I couldnt tell it was there. It did have a nice cushy handle that was easy to hold on to.  But my overall Viewpoint of this is I was not given silky smooth skin, or protected from Nicks. I had to go over areas more that once, when normally, with the razor I usually use, I go over it once and its done. I made sure the next day to go to the store and buy a refill for my Venus.  I was not impressed at all with Noxema's razors, not enough silk strip to moisturize and protect. and the razor blades themself were very small.

In the sun, FL


Could Shave Until I'm Raw And It Wouldn't Be Close Enough


We all know disposable razors aren't the best, but occasionally it's nice to find a brand that does well, despite the fact you can throw it away when you're done with it and grab a new one. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Shavers. I've been saddled with the unfortunate circumstance of having to shave my legs and underarms daily. Because of that, I look for a razor that will keep up with me and not have me showing a 5 o'clock shadow. When it's bikini season or I'm going on vacation, I want better than a disposable, but for just standard everyday use, a good disposable razor works well. I've been using Bic Soleil for that purpose and sometimes it was hard to remember it was disposable and that I could just throw it away. In need of more disposable razors, I saw the Noxzema razors in the store and thought I'd give them a chance. It's a trusted brand in skincare, so I thought they'd be great. I was wrong. The minute I get done shaving under my arms I feel like I already have a 5 o'clock shadow. I could shave until it's raw with these and it still wouldn't be close enough. It's not just me, though. My 13-year-old daughter is also a daily shaver, and without me even saying anything to her, she said, "I think I need to go back to the old razors. This one doesn't work as good." That absolutely backed up everything I was finding. She doesn't like them either and doesn't feel they shave as close. It's jut really surprising for me from the Noxzema brand. They do so well with skin care overall, you'd think they'd be able to do this as well, but apparently not. There was one thing I liked about them, and that a great grip on the handle. That's it. It'll be back to the Bic Soleils for me next time, unless I find something else that draws my eye and has me trying that.

South Elgin, IL


Not worth the money or effort


The Noxema triple blade disposable razor is not the quality I would have expected. To be honest, I was disappointed the first time I used these. They sound appealing because the offer most of the same things as the other disposable razors but the outcome of this product is poor. The first use my legs were smooth, but not as close as I would expect from a new razor. By the third or fourth use, this razor is done. Also, I noticed that if I shaved with anything thick and/or creamy it could not go through it to get to the hair on my legs. Left my legs very stubbled and uneven.  It will also leave your legs with bumps and itching once it gets too dull, (again by the third use or so). There are 4 in the pack I purchased and will use all four as to not waste anything, but I do not plan on purchasing the Noxema triple blade disposable razor again. I do not recommend this brand of razors for women who demand a close shave.  

Winston Salem, NC


Noxzema Triple Blade Disposable Shaver

2.7 7