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Noxzema Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver

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Noxzema Super Smooth Triple Blade Razors


This was an okay razor.  They were pretty cheap and I was able to get a great deal wtih a coupon.  For being such a cheap razor I thought they were a little bit better than some of the other cheap packs of disposible razors.  But overall its not a fabulous razor.  I felt that the razor got dull very quickly-even before I was done with the first time using it.  It did a decent job shaving in the easy areas like the calves but I managed to get the worst cut I have ever gotten shaving with one of these around my ankles.  Several months later I still have a big scar from it.  It also did not do a very good job around the knees either.  It does have a handle that is very easy to hold, which helps.  The colors of the razor are also very fun.  It would be a fairly decent razor to bring with a few of on a vacation and not worry about throwing it out as soon as one had been used.  The packages are also very small but I was able to find one with 2 bonus razors. 

Albany, MN


i love thiese noxzema razor they work so good


i really like these razors they work very well they get all the hair off my legs and i dont have to keep shaving  everyday with these razors . i got them on sale couple of months ago just to try and i love them and will be buying them from now on they come in great colors too and they are a great price also .

Mason, TN


Wow! Guys will love this razor too!!


My wife bought a package of these Noxzema triple blade disposable razors for women because we had been using Gillette razors with replaceable heads but the price of the Gillettes has become too high for our budget. I have used one and they are just marvelous little razors! They have a pivoting head that actually works and also has a jojoba strip for added smoothness and comfort. I will buy and these.

Prairie Grove, AR


Noxzema Super Smooth Triple Blade Shaver

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