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Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel

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Noxzema Hair Reducing Shave Gel: Mixed Results Overall


Shaving gels are my preferred means for facial hair removal. I like the way they lubricate and I have had better luck with them than with shaving cream. I will even use shaving gels made for women when I'm in a pinch and one I have tried with mixed results is Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shaving Gel. Shaving Cream Facts and Commentary: Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shaving Gel is a shaving aid with the scent of cucumber. Like other gels, it foams as you spread it around and it does manage to lubricate the skin well and prepare it for shaving. This shaving gel from Noxzema seems to perform well in the shaving department. My facial hair is cut cleanly and I don't have any razor burn or other irritation. I' not too crazy about the scent, but I have to remind myself that this product was made with women and that is likely part of the reason it smells the way it does. Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shaving Gel seems like a good shaving gel overall, but one thing I question is the claim that it slows the growth of hair. I don't notice any difference at all, but maybe it isn't really meant for slowing the growth of facial hair. It is a product for women, so maybe it slows the hair growth on legs. But I didn't notice any difference with facial hair. I still had to shave as much as usual. Bottom Line Viewpoint: Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shaving Gel is a good product but not a great product and I can think of several that I prefer to this. It does work well for shaving, but the scent is a little odd and I don't think it slows hair growth as it claims. It adds up to an average product overall. Effectiveness The shaving ability is good, but I don't see how it reduces the growth rate of hair. Scent Not my favorite scent in a shaving gel. Cucumber scent isn't something I prefer.


Houston, TX


worms for men too


Believe it or not - i use this, not for shaving, but i put it directly on my face after i shower...i rub it in until it disappears and let it sit on my face all day - in about 2 weeks i was shaving every other day and now, after 2 months, i'm shaving 2xs a week!!!! Great stuff for guys who don't like to shave.


West Chester, PA


Minimizes and slows hair growth between shaves


I have really thick dark hair on my legs and I used to shave everyday during the summer months which is not only super annoying, but also time consuming and expensive. However, I have been using this product every time I shave for about a year and now I only shave once a week.  I am not crazy about the smell, but I will definitely buy only this for shaving gel. This stuff gets a close shave and leaves me with no bumps, irritation or razor burn.And my skin feels silky smooth, which really helps my dry skin (especially during the winter months when its a bigger problem). As a shave gel this is just the same as any other drugstore shave gel, but the hair minimizing aspect is awesome. It did take a while to start working, but I stuck with it because I bought 2cans for the price of one at my local drug store. I never will use another shaving cream as long as Nozxema continues to sell this product.  A time saver and skin protector!


Alexandria, VA


Noxema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel Reduces Shaving Stress


I first bought Noxema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel not really sure if it was going to work as promised, but knowing at least I would be getting a good smelling (a refreshing Cucumber Melon) shave gel.  I have sensitive skin (and am impatient/not careful) and saw this as a good buy simply for the presence of Vitamin E and aloe to protect against nicks, cuts, and razor burns.  It did work wonderfully as a shave gel.  It went on smooth, protected my skin, and didn't wash off before I was ready. I used it for a while and didn't notice any difference until one day when I ran out and was only able to use it on one part of my leg.  Amazingly, a couple days later, that part had less hair than the rest of my leg!  I then thought back and realized it must have been working, but gradually so I didn't notice until I had something to compare to.  I didn't really think about it, being so busy, but I was having to shave less, and in less time.  This is now the only shave gel I will use.


La Mirada, CA


Noxzema Hair Minimizing Shave Gel

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