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Now Foods
Now Foods Happy Pills-Feel Better Now Formula, 60ct

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Happy Pills are unreliable.


Now produced by Brain Pharma, Happy Pills use serotonin, N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine to supports brain function, St. John Wort Extract which helps with depression and anxiety, and Caffeine for alertness. Their claim is obvious, to make you "happy". I found that these pills produced varying results. When I first started taking them I felt happy go lucky and everything just slid right off my back. The longer I took them, the more I began just to feel dazed, almost drugged. I found it hard to concentrate, although things still didn't bother me. They recommend you take them when eating, but I found that's when I felt the most dazed. I felt like if I didn't eat with them then I got better results and the happy go lucky feeling maybe because the formula was more concentrated in my blood system. Many claim that they help with their depression, I am not one that's depressed, but I found them overall unreliable on a day to day basis. I never knew if they would make me feel happy go lucky or dazed and confused and unable to focus. My boyfriend also experienced this dazed feeling as well when he took them with food. If you do try these, experiment taking them with and without food to find what works best for you. I have stopped taking them for the time being and don't think I will take them again.

Altamonte Springs, FL


Now Foods Happy Pills-Feel Better Now Formula, 60ct

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