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NovoLog Insulin Aspart

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Controlling Your Diabetes With NovoLog Insulin


I have been using NovoLog for about five years and it has helped me get a grip on my diabetes. This is taken with meals on-point or as a sliding scale that will vary depending on what your blood sugar level is. Taking too much insulin can result in weight gain so it is important to test your blood sugar before each meal so you can administer the correct dose. When used with a long lasting / slow acting insulin you can get the coverage that you need to keep your blood sugar in an acceptable range. If you are just starting with NovoLog you can talk with your doctor about your blood sugar results to see if your sliding scale needs to be adjusted. I use this with Lantus (a long acting insulin) and have seen amazing results in my blood work as well as my A1C hemoglobin tests. There are days when my numbers are not where they should be and I need to take more NovoLog than normal but as long as I eat well balanced meals and limit my 'cheat' foods to only two or three times a week I am on par with controlling my diabetes. If you are having trouble using a syringe and vial, NovoLog is available in a pen format. That is usually easier for kids and older people to use and delivers an exact amount each time. Most insurances companies will pay for the vial and syringe or the pen version but will limit you to only getting a one month supply at a time.




NovoLog Insulin Aspart

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