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Nova Skin Care System

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Soft skin!!


   I saw this product on tv too. I spent a couple of days reviewing this on-line and decided to buy it. I tend to have a lot of breakouts the more I wash my skin and have found that I am allergic to alot of the more common skin care products (particularly the harsh ones).  I have been using this product for a couple of weeks and my skin is sooo much clearer, softer and I no longer have flakey dry spots. Even my husband has cooled off about the price now that he sees it works. It is however very expensive, but the company offers a 60day free trial which I really liked.

Boulder, CO


Nova Works for Mom AND for her Teens!


This product is fantastic!  My skin has definitely benefited from the sonic system offered by Nova.  It only makes sense!  My sonic toothbrush cleans SO much better than my old toothbrush --  Why wouldn't a sonic method work on my skin?  It DOES!  And it is extremly gentle & easy to use.  I used to have to wear make-up.  Not anymore.  My skin tone is even & my skin glows.  I would say I noticed a true difference in my complexion after just one week.  I've now been using it for about a year (since it first came out) and my skin has never been healthier.  I've never been happier with a skin care system & I'm almost 50 years old.  I've tried them all!  My teenagers love the Nova, too.  It helped their acne so quickly.  Again, I believe it is because those sonic waves are able to clean so deep & loosen all the bacteria.  They used their acne cleanser & moisturizer with the Nova, but they used the Nova exfoliator because it is so much safer for skin than other types.  Their skin has improved so much.  Now they sometimes use the Nova products & sometimes they use their acne products.  I did my homework & the Nova system has more sonic waves per second than any other system.  Just because something vibrates does not mean it is deep cleaning your pores.  The Nova system makes sense scientifically.  It really works.

San Clemente, CA


Product great! Unsure of Sonic


I got this product becasue I do not wear make up, and I wanted my skin to be soft and stay that way.  I'm only 21 so my skin naturally glows and is healthy, so I cannot testify to any changes besides the product the baby softness it causes. 

Douglasville, GA


Had it for 5+ mos.I like it!Ordering more product.Spendy though.


I've had the Nova system for over 5 mos now. I like it. I back it up with another microdermabrasion system in between. I really like the cleanser and the moisturizer. I'm not completely sold on the "sonic" part; meaning I'm not sure if the sonic part is doing anything or not. I'm ordering more product. For me the product lasts longer than they say it does. I'm going to keep using the NOVA Skin Care System (at least until something "better" comes along).

Catharpin, VA


Nova Skin Care System

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