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Nova Development
Nova Development Photo Explosion Deluxe 4

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Photo Explosion Deluxe 4 is affordable.


The Photo Explosion Deluxe 4 has many features. Editing, effects, albums to organize your photo's, and share.  You can do all kinds of projects, yet I did not find it to be simple. I have had the program for awhile and I still have to refer to the manual.  However, I've tried several photo software and I do like the Photo Exposion the best.

Rockwell, NC


Awesome way to enhance your already precious photo's!


I absolutely love this photo editor. I have worked with a couple others, but this one is easy and looks great! I get tons of compliments on my photo's and I highly recomend this product to those who ask and even those who don't ask!

Glen Allen, VA


Affordable alternative to Adobe Photoshop


Photo Explosion Deluxe 4.0 is the complete digital photo studio. It has an interface very similar to Adobe Photoshop but is actually affordable and easy to use. It comes with a thick manual, but it is very helpful when you need to know how to use a certain feature. I've used this program to fix about 20 photographs so far and am really impressed with the results. Some of the tools in this software can help bring out the true colors in the photos you've taken. This software also allows you to create projects with your photos such as calendars, scrapbooks, and cards. One really great feature that comes with this software is MontagePlus. This feature allows you to create compositions made of thumbnail photographs in your photo library. You can also share any of your creations with friends and family through YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, and more! If you want an affordable program to edit your photos, Photo Explosion Deluxe 4 is the right choice for you.

Salt Lake City, UT


Nova Development Photo Explosion Deluxe 4

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