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Nova Cruiser DX 4-Wheeled Walker

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Nifty way to get around


Nova Cruiser DX 4-Wheeled Walker is a life saver for anyone requiring assistance to get around. We purchased this walker for my 88yr old Dad. He passed away shortly after we purchased so he only used a few weeks. My 85 yr old mom has now begun using this walker. She likes it very much. The walker is lightweight and portable. It's an attractive walker and has many practical features. The seat and back rest are comfortable The seat is strong enough to uphold quite a bit of weight. The basket is great for when I take my mom shopping. The hand breaks are good for when mom is walking and needs to take a break. I wish though that this walker had locks on the hand breaks. During times when she tires and wants to sit and rest it would be helpful to lock the walker so it doesnt move back and forth. All in all I feel this walker was a good purchase for my folks. The walker handles well outside and is sturdy on grass as well. The wheels are durable having endured long walks on the pavement and many trips to on the lawn. A valuable walker for anyone with limited mobility.

Saint Anne, IL


Great Walker


i got this walker for my dad when he broke his ribs at age 62, he was kinda pissed at first because he doesnt want to "look like an old person", but after 3 years now he uses it every day, and i dont think he could live without it, it just makes life so much easier for him, if he needs to sit down in the middle of a store, wham it becomes an instant chair, he can put the mail in it, or since he loves gardening he uses it as his "wagon", this truely is a life changing product.

Oxnard, CA


Able To Extend Mobility With A Place To Rest


This handicap device opens up new doors.You have the mobility to walk with more safety than a cane.It also allows you to go at the speed and distances you are able to go.Then you can lock the hand brakes and set down on the padded seat.The hand brakes allow the speed control and stops. It allowed me to feel better about going to events that will require some off and on long walks.I am not restricted to my manual wheelchair and someone always wanting to push me.I like the freedom to be somewhat active by myself with feeling safe at the same time. It navigates through unlevel terrain and gravel.I have been able to use my Nova Cruiser  at picnics.The wire basket allows me to carry part of my share.It folds up real easy and isn't very heavy either.It also allows me to always have a place to sit with a padded back rest.I am a spinal cord injury patient and will probably need the assistance of the Nova Cruiser for the rest of my life.

Independence, MO


this was better than I excepted


Order this after much shopping. Is a great buy and Over stock had it at my door in 3 days cheaper than local on sale  . same walker 40. cheaper and my reward points too.  How can I lose. it is better than stated.

Rock Island, IL


Nova Cruiser DX 4-Wheeled Walker

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